Bacula Community version compared with Enterprise Edition 10


Bacula Enterprise Edition is the Leading Open Core network backup and restore solution and is intended for production deployments. Enterprise Edition provides advanced, self-contained and quality assured software that does not require in-house resources for development and test. Bacula Systems professional support offers some of the highest quality technical support in the industry, that puts you immediately in touch with a senior expert, and guarantees first response time based on service level agreement.

Bacula community version is suited for evaluation or pre-production use. If chosen for corporate use, the community version requires internal resources to manage release cycles, test, support and add advanced capabilities to the basic functionality available in this version.

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See by yourself why Enterprise Open Core products are superior to proprietary solutions for disk and tape backup solutions in both physical and virtual environments. The Trial Kickstart gives you access to all Bacula Enterprise Edition version 8 features, VSS plugin, BWeb Management Suite and Global Endpoint Deduplication™. If you need to use other plugins we also offer the possibility to test our solution via the Try and Buy offer. The Selective Migration Plan allows a smooth and beneficial upgrade path from Community and other open source backup solutions to Enterprise Edition.

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Overview Community Enterprise Notes
Leading Network Backup & Restore solution tick tick
Trial Kickstart. Limited to 30 days and SqLite Database cross tick
Free code tick cross
Patches cross tick Requires in-house resources to patch
Support cross tick Subscription-based price
Certified binaries cross tick
Certification & Test cross tick
Support and Services  Community  Enterprise Notes
Bacula Certified Training Centers tick tick Admin II course based on Enterprise Edition
Consulting from Bacula Systems and Certified Partners cross tick
Community online forums tick tick
Professional Technical Support cross tick
Remote Assistance (for installation/configuration,design, troubleshooting, optimization) cross tick
Access to Professional Documentation cross tick
24/7 Technical Support Option cross tick
Immediate Access to fully tested Bacula Fixes cross tick Requires in-house resources to patch
Roadmap Visibility and Influence cross tick Subscription-based price
Managed release cycles cross tick
Entitlement to new features & upgrades cross tick
Advanced Features Community Enterprise Notes
Snapshot technology cross tick
Snapshot management cross tick
Single file restore for VMware cross tick
Single mailbox recovery for Exchange cross tick
Client initiated backup cross tick
Windows SD cross tick
Windows EFS support cross tick
Storage device switchover cross tick
Restart failed job tick tick
Communication line statistics  cross tick
Catalog performance improvement cross tick
Periodic statistics for running jobs in Director tick tick
Truncate  command tick tick
SD to SD replication tick tick
SD to SD replication with Deduplication cross tick
Communication Line Compression cross tick
Readonly drive directive tick tick
Catalog schema for high performance cross tick
Global Endpoint Deduplication cross tick
Aligned Volume Format cross tick
Community Enterprise Notes
LDAP and Active Directory cross tick
VMware cross tick
Red Hat Virtualization cross tick
KVM cross tick
Hyper-V cross tick
Xen cross tick
Proxmox cross tick
Plugin for SAP cross tick
Windows VSS cross tick includes plugin capability to Exchange™, SharePoint ™, Active Directory™11, SQL Server™ or Windows @SystemState
Windows Bare Metal Recovery cross tick
Linux Bare Metal Recovery cross tick
NDMP Plugin cross tick
Incremental Accelerator for Netapp plugin cross tick
Oracle plugin with SBT cross tick
PostgreSQL plugin cross tick
MySQL plugin cross tick
SAP HANA plugin cross tick
Plugin for MSSQL Server cross tick
Delta plugin cross tick
San Shared Storage plugin cross tick
Community Enterprise Notes
Bacula Administrative Tool Limited tick
BWeb Management Suite cross tick
BCloud Service cross tick
BWeb plugin restore options cross tick
REST API cross tick

Download free trial         Free backup infrastructure assessment

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