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Sustainability With Bacula Enterprise

Sustainability is a key value at Bacula Systems, and is deeply woven into its company culture. This plays out in many ways throughout the company’s activities, but three different areas are easy to discern:

Bacula Employees and Travel Requirements

Bacula does not require employees to commute regularly to an office, significantly reducing the impact of automobile usage, public transportation stress and CO2 production. Bacula actively hires top talent to work wherever they reside without requiring relocation, providing positive impacts on local economies by developing localized skill sets and avoiding brain drain on developing economies.

Bacula also follows a Sustainable commercial department policy of avoiding travel for daily work tasks (for example Sales and marketing functions), focusing instead on non-travel work behaviors and methods (i.e. utilizing video conferencing instead of travelling to visit prospects.) This mode of work is true of over 97% of Bacula’s actual work-travel practice.

Developing a highly efficient, low energy consumption product

Bacula Enterprise is Bacula’s principle product. It is created from a base of well hardened, highly tested open source code that is high in robustness and efficiency. Open Source contributors are typically considered to be people that work efficiently, from home and tend to have a culture of being considerate of the environment. This effective way of developing and testing software has an immensely positive impact on sustainability. The end result can be seen in clear, measurable terms, such as faster data recovery times compared to other software vendors, or lowering backup windows due to Bacula’s choice of appropriate backup levels. Or providing advanced automation controls, that allow jobs to run when low-carbon electricity is available.

One example is that Bacula’s product “Bacula Enterprise” uses the “greenest” and most efficient software coding languages  (C, C+ ).

Another example of Bacula Enterprise´s especially high levels of energy efficiency is its Global Endpoint Deduplication technology. Bacula’s ability to use its patented deduplication technology and compression tools typically allows organizations to significantly reduce the total data volume in their IT systems, saving on storage hardware and reducing load, bandwidth, time and power requirements on networks. In datacenters, 60% of greenhouse gases originate from servers, networks, and storage components. (* German Bitcom).

Simply put, Bacula’s remarkable flexibility enables its users to reduce data movement across network boundaries as much as possible. This key performance value is critically important to organizations that have ever-growing data volume to deal with, and need to manage that data with a truly sustainable approach that is also responsible for the environment.

Green Security. It’s Important.

It is worth noting Bacula’s continued commitment to tape as an ongoing choice of its huge range of backup storage types. Tape is the most energy efficient storage medium there is, and more relevant than ever when it comes to being part of a sustainable ransomware defense strategy. A tape in a library slot consumes no power and the same tape sitting on a shelf or in an offsite storage facility is immune from even the most sophisticated malware.

Helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals

Bacula uses the values above when working with its customers to implement Bacula’s software. Bacula advanced customer services have a demonstrable working framework that ensures its customers receive the best possible support and software to resolve issues that can, if not resolved quickly, result in energy and time waste that is not helpful to the environment. By delivering Bacula Enterprise to its customers, Bacula is helping its customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Bacula Systems is growing and evolving rapidly as an organization and we are continuously looking at ways in which we can achieve the Net Zero targets we set ourselves, and support our customers and investors in achieving theirs.