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High Performance Backup for University Data Centers

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A one-time offer for your university or school IT department to avoid data volume price traps – and transform to a high performance backup environment.

Plus: get an extra plugin of your choice* (free for one year) for subscriptions purchased before December 15th 2024.

Now you can drastically minimize data backup costs and support time, despite your increasingly diverse technology environment! Bacula Systems’ low-cost, predictable pricing model means you can relax… and let your data grow.

Largely as a result of external forces and institutional strategic priorities, the transformation of higher education information technology is now happening faster than ever before. Institutional priorities, such as the critical containment of costs, and achieving demonstrable improvements are now starting to become reality. This is demonstrated by innovative IT departments such as Ulm and Hannover Universities, the Universities of Hawaii, Southern Indiana, Alabama, Johns Hopkins, MIT, and many more. These Higher Education and Research IT innovators are also reshaping and revitalizing their departments with new service options and capabilities. However, many university IT departments have yet to improve their Backup and Restore approach, and make the switch from proprietary solutions to open, modern, efficient and higher-value alternatives.

One of the reasons for the explosive adoption of Bacula Enterprise in Higher Education institutions is that their culture of university education and research is one that highly values autonomy, freedom, collaboration and sharing, with decentralized administration and distributed decision-making. In addition, Bacula’s ability to fit and scale up to so many different Hypervisor, Container and Storage types makes it an easy choice for research and HPC environments.

Thomas Nau
University of Ulm, Germany
«We feel so reassured by Bacula Systems that we will now migrate everything else to Bacula Enterprise»
Ed Evans
Computer Systems Manager, Texas A&M University Department of Biochemistry
«Bacula Enterprise is reliable and it does the job well. It saves us time. It is easy to troubleshoot, and see what’s going on. And its low price really helps! One thing is clear: since using Bacula, the amount of time we have to spend taking care of backup and restore has been cut by almost 60%. That means we are more often free to do other meaningful things that contribute to the department.»

*Please note: Offer does not include SAP HANA plugin


Bacula Enterprise, with its unique pricing model, shares identical values. Through the Universities Data Backup Initiative, Bacula Systems helps your department to maintain IT funding models that sustain core service, support, innovation, and facilitate growth. In line with these values, Bacula Systems does not charge Universities and higher education establishments by data volume. This provides you with the freedom to grow your storage and accurately predict costs.

Bacula Systems’ advantageous annual subscription model means the resulting reduced or avoided costs may allow for significant reallocation of your department’s resources, shifting from the operation of the institution to a focus on its growth or further transformation.

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