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Updated 8th February 2021, Rob Morrison

Alternatives and Competitors to Druva

Druva is an innovative IT company that provides data management and protection for the cloud era. It was established in 2008 and is now located in Sunnyvale, California.

At the heart of the data management services provided by Druva is their platform – Druva Cloud Platform. It is built on AWS and it offers infinitely scalable and globally accessible enterprise data storage and management services. The cloud nature of the service allows to greatly lower the overall cost for customers by getting rid of unnecessary hardware, software management and capacity limitations.

Druva’s own patented cloud architecture makes an asset from your backup data, making everything more accessible and helping with tasks like governance streamlining, cyber resiliency improvement and so on.

Since Druva Cloud Platform is a SaaS (solution as a service) – it allows for easier control of your most critical data, gaining you visibility and control over your entire data storage with the full power of the cloud. There are three main products that Druva Cloud Platform consists of:

  • Druva Phoenix provides data management and protection for your data center workloads using a unique cloud-first approach. Druva Phoenix combines highly efficient and scalable backup, archival, disaster recovery and analytics services to greatly reduce overall costs, make it easier to protect your data and improve general data visibility for modern day’s complicated informational environments.
  • Druva inSync allows for unified data protection and information governance for both cloud applications and endpoints. It is capable of simplifying backup, compliance, archival and device management processes to decrease the overall cost and generally make end user data protection less complicated without making it weaker. Users can protect their mobile workforce with no decrease in productivity using glass management and self-help data recovery.
  • Druva CloudRanger is an easy-to-use solution capable of both data protection as well as disaster recovery jobs for AWS workloads. It can easily support your AWS infrastructure without any limitations to flexibility while keeping business continuity in order.

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Druva in general is known for its variety of features, including:

  • Support for multiple devices;
  • Extensive authorization and authentication protocols;
  • Simple subscription scaling options;
  • World class customer support available via different sources;
  • Featherweight server/client software;
  • Secure access protocols (HTTPS and LDAPS);
  • Auto management capabilities;
  • Free trial period;
  • High performance remote backup capability;
  • A variety of highly advanced management tools;
  • Backup auto-start in case of interruptions, and so on.

The backup market has been somewhat saturated for a while now, and Druva is one of the better known solutions. However, the world is constantly changing and new solutions continue to emerge. For example, there’s a number of features that enable a variety of Druva competitors to differentiate, including:

  • On-premise physical backup features;
  • Extensive logging of the entire backup process;
  • More conservative usage of a customer’s resources, including storage, bandwidth, system resources and so on;
  • Friendly and extensive UI/UX, and more.

As it stands, Bacula is a strong Druva competitor. They share some similarities, such as the extensiveness of cloud backup capabilities, as well as the ability to have a free trial. However, Bacula’s diversity gives it an advantage among Druva and its alternatives, such as the ability to actually create physical backups on-premise, as well as extensive Linux support, bare metal backup capabilities, Bacula’s patented Progressive Virtual Full backup type, and others. Bacula also offers single file recovery thanks to its native integration into an especially wide range of virtual machines. It also offers extremely fast recovery of data from high transaction, large databases where - for a business - each second of downtime can be counted in lost dollars.

Generally speaking, Bacula is a more than realistic Druva alternative if you’re looking for a good cloud backup service with multiple on-premises capabilities and additional benefits of multiple backup types, multiple storage destinations and better versatility.

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