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KVM backup and recovery software

Backup KVM virtual machines easily and restore them at a file level with Bacula Enterprise. 

This specific KVM backup technology uses the libvirt virtual machine management interface, and provides the following main features:


kvm backup

Allows backups of KVM guest VM’s without installing software on the individual clients.
KVM backup and recovery at file level. Avoid backing up or restoring unwanted data by taking advantage of Bacula Enterprise’s high level of granularity.
Automatic virtual machine discovery. Bacula Enterprise’s auto-detection capabilities mean that after initial configuration there is no need to define which VM(s) to backup after changes to data occur. Simple.
Full and Differential backups of KVM guest VMs.

Incremental KVM backup.
Ability to include/exclude specific files and directories in VM backup jobs.
Backup of KVM virtual machines in a running, paused or shut off state. KVM snapshot backup.
Several types of disk images are supported by libvirt/libguestfs (LWM, RAW or QCOW2). Bacula’s backup KVM technology can be used when the hypervisor uses local storage for virtual machine disks, and libvirtd for virtual machine management.

Bacula Enterprise’s KVM backup solution is easy to automate. Scheduling KVM VM backups and scripting before/after jobs are both available with Bacula Enterprise.

The KVM backup software from Bacula Systems allows deduplication using our patented Global Endpoint Deduplication engine and comm-line compression. Both of these technologies allow you to save storage space and utilize less network bandwidth.

Use Bacula to avoid using multiple backup solutions, or having inadequate protection from ransomware.

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