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Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV) Backup Software

Bacula Systems offers the most comprehensive virtual machine support in the industry, and its Red Hat Virtualization backup software makes up one of the wide range of hypervisors for which Bacula provides native integration and interoperability.

Bacula is the world’s leading solution for backing up RHEV environments.

Unlike its competitors, Bacula’s RHEV solution is far more advanced and backs up RHEV VMs through the hypervisor with single file restore. It also excels at file-based backups, and can even perform Bare-Metal restores from file-based Windows backups and also single file restores.

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red hat virtualization backup

This Red Hat Virtualization backup module is designed to increase flexibility, efficiency and reduce costs for users of Red Hat Virtualization. It typically renders a lower total cost of ownership year over year when compared to other backup and recovery solutions, and its functionality is unique in the industry, providing the following benefits:

  • Agentless backup of the Red Hat Virtualization environment
  • Full image-level backup
  • Incremental and Differential backup levels
  • Completely agnostic to storage back-end
  • Transparent quiescing and snapshot creation. RHV snapshot integration to create a snapshop to back up, and delete this snapshot when backup finishes (when the module finishes its work, or when the next backup is initiated).
  • Restore flexibility: to the same or different cluster/storage, existing or new virtual instances, single file restore
  • Configuration of restored virtual machines on the fly, and option to restore to plain files for further processing
  • Disk exclusion. To control backup granularity and capacity requirements. Administrators can set up a general, automated backup, for big sets of VMs and can choose not to backup specific storage destinations. Users can retain customized configuration to simplify administration tasks.
  • VM exclusion. Offers similar benefits as above, but for VMs.
  • Selection of VMs to back up by tags, regular expression matching on name, per cluster, or per Storage Domain
  • Backup of virtual machines in a “running”, “paused” or “shut off” state
  • Optional password obfuscation
  • Failed backup controls:
    – Find and remove previous failed backups / snapshots with every execution.
    – Backup cancellation and connection loss controls to try to remove snapshots or clones of current backup

Specific Restore features:

The Bacula Red Hat Virtualization backup module performs restore to the original or to a different location (cluster or storage domain). This flexibility allows the user choices such as:

  • Differential, Incremental and Full backup levels
  • Replace original VMs or create new VMs with a new name. For example, change destination VM name, to facilitate actions such as migration
  • Local restore of disk images and VM XML configuration to allow further, manual processing
  • Exclude disks from restore, potentially resulting in less data retrieval and increasing efficiency
  • Turn VM on after restore, or leave turned off, offering less downtime as well as automated operations
  • Restore disk configuration:
    – Virtual disk image format (COW or raw)
    – Virtual disk interface (ide, virtio, virtio_scsi, spart).
    – “Active” state of disk
    – “Boot disk” flag
    – Disk name format
  • Restore NIC configurations (providing MAC address list). Administrators can choose if they want the exact same machine, or a copy of it
  • Single File Restore capability

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