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Leadership by Data Protection Experts

Bacula Systems SA is founded and operated by a number of highly skilled professionals with an exceedingly good knowledge of all aspects of IT operations, business development, worldwide sales / marketing and business administration.

Gopal RajGuru

Gopal RajGuru is CEO at Bacula Systems. He has over forty years of experience in business development, growing organizations and implementing innovative sales strategies in to some of the world’s largest organizations. As CEO of Bacula Systems, Gopal leads a passionate, capable, industry-leading group of professionals that deliver a world-leading enterprise back-up and restore software that offers the most cost-effective solution to secure its customers’ most critical asset – their data. Gopal is a member of Bacula’s Board of Directors.

Gopal holds a BA in International Studies and a BA in Swedish, from the University of Washington.

Eric Bollengier
Director of Engineering

Eric Bollengier is Director of Engineering at Bacula Systems. Since 2003 he has been an active member of the Bacula community. Eric has written significant parts of the Bacula software, and has also developed the B-Web user interface and reporting system for Bacula. Eric has previously worked as a system- and network-administrator.

Eric holds a masters degree in microprocessor electronics from the Université du Maine and a DESS degree from the Université de Versailles Saint Quentin.

Ludovic Piquerez
Director, Support

Ludovic Piquerez is the Director of Support at Bacula Systems. He worked in the IT support domain in various demanding industries specialized in healthcare, energy, technology and media. He founded his own company in IT services and developed it into a sustainable business in which open-source software integration was one of the main activities. In his late experience as IT Manager Europe, he implemented healthcare regulations.
Ludovic has mentored teams of experts in three different continents. He has successfully resolved issues in challenging environments and succeeded in managing many parallel projects in a multi-customers environment.

Ludovic holds a bachelor in Computer Science, major in Management Systems and a Master degree in Social and Political Sciences. He is certified in IT service management (ITIL) and IT governance (COBIT).

Silvia De Petra
Finance Manager

Silvia has a strong background in managing the finances and fiscal requirements of multi-country operations, including Swiss and US GAAP. Experienced in many different industries, she has worked in several multinationals in the roles of Finance & Administration Manager, Director and Controller. Silvia is based in Switzerland.

Silvia holds a Cours d’Expert in financial controlling and a Federal diploma in finance and accounting.

Frank Barker

Frank Barker is the chairman of Bacula Systems. He began his IT career at Hewlett-Packard in the UK, where he progressed through support and sales to management before moving to the EMEA headquarters in Geneva to head up Telco, Financial Services and Global Accounts. He then led Hewlett-Packard’s consulting and systems integration business across the EMEA region before moving to the US to build a global division around cloud computing. Prior to Bacula Systems, he was CEO and Managing Director of several technology companies in the software and security sectors and has a track record of growing technology companies.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and holds an Honours Degree in Electronics from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

Aristide Caraccio
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Aristide Caraccio is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Bacula Systems. He has worked for the Seattle based Software company WRQ for 10 years: first as General Manager France & Southern Europe, then as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific Region where he was in charge of financial, technical, marketing, and sales organizations. Aristide has garnered more than twenty five years experience working within the IT industry. He co-founded Reseaudis, a company specializing in importation, distribution, and engineering in the network solutions field. He has also worked with other French technology companies such as PC Technologies, Tekelec Airtronic, and Publi 12.

Aristide earned an MBA from the Paris-New York International School of Management.

Jorge Gea

Jorge Gea is CTO at Bacula Systems. He started his career as a researcher on industrial and network services automation areas. After that, he worked at several software vendors where he lead the development of diverse software projects in areas of education, technology, e-commerce and finance, becoming very experienced in software development techniques. Before joining Bacula Systems, he was for many years the CTO of Whitebearsolutions SL. In this role, Jorge was in charge of the technical lead of the Backup and Storage area and the WBSAirback solution, where he gained significant skills in product management, backup solutions, Linux environments, appliances development, system administrator techniques and cloud technologies, among many others.

Jorge provides leadership and guidance in current technological trends, technical skills, processes, methodologies and tools for the rapid and exciting development of Bacula products. He is responsible for the product roadmap, and he is actively involved in the architecture, engineering and development process of Bacula components. Jorge holds a Bachelor degree in computer science engineering from the University of Alicante, a Doctorate in computation technologies and a Master Degree in network administration.

Rob Morrison
Marketing Director

Rob Morrison is the Marketing Director at Bacula Systems. After a role of Head Coach at two Olympic Games, Rob specialized in marketing and communications for HPC, supercomputing and broadcasting at Silicon Graphics (SGI) at its European manufacturing headquarters in Switzerland. In the last 20 years, Rob has focused more on open source technology companies, working for companies such as JBoss, Pentaho and RedHat before joining Bacula Systems.

Rob graduated with Honors in Computer Science at the University of Plymouth.