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Smart ISVs Are Moving To Bacula Enterprise

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Bacula is rapidly becoming the favourite of ISVs. Why?

ISVs typically have a wide variety of virtual environments and databases – not to mention a significant amount of critical data – all of which requires an advanced enterprise backup and restore solution. However, the old, legacy vendors no longer deliver what’s needed; providing outdated, monolithic, poorly supported and absurdly expensive solutions. Instead, ISVs need a modern, highly scalable solution, delivered by knowledgeable people that talk the same language and understand their environment.Bacula’s extremely high support standards means our technicians understand highly technical IT environments. We have a history of helping ISVs by implementing a superior backup and recovery solution.

But perhaps the most important thing to know is that Bacula does not charge by data volume. So, instead of being held to ransom by your current backup vendor, why not discover why so many ISV’s are suddenly switching to Bacula, and setting themselves free to grow – on their own terms.

Bacula Enterprise offers native integration with different technologies:

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  • Training is available in different locations, depending on the Certified Bacula Systems Training Center you choose.

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