Amazon EC2 Module

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High performance, efficient replication to the Cloud starts with Bacula’s EC2 Module

Bacula provides advanced, fully integrated protection for EC2 – the broadest and deepest compute platform. Bacula’s superior elasticity, security and vast range of features allow you the architectural flexibility to add almost limitless in-cloud capabilities to your EC2 backup and recovery strategy. Bacula offers comprehensive backup and restore of any Virtual Machine deployment over Amazon Cloud.

How it Works:

Bacula’s EC2 technology works at the block level. This means that it can easily recover from a network failure during download or upload, as it will simply retry the impacted block. It can be used for any cloud deployment or in any use case, where the user needs to deploy virtual machines in the cloud.

Bacula’s Linux-based EC2 solution is extremely flexible regarding the options to select the target group of instances to backup. It is also especially flexible with restore options, where it is possible to choose all configuration options of the resulting instance to restore. It not only restores a new instance, but also restores only the data disks and attaches them to an existing instance.

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Even More Advantages With Bacula’s EC2 Module

  • Bacula works at REST API level, making it consistently fast with the rest of Bacula’s systems, and has increased parallelization support than many other vendors,  without adding extra hosts.
  • Bacula EC2 module is extremely flexible regarding its options to select the target group of instances to backup.
  • Bacula is also especially flexible in its restore options, where it is possible to choose a wide range of configuration options for the resulting instance to restore. It allows not only the restore a new instance, but also to restore only the data disks and attach them to an existing instance.
  • Bacula can call the module directly using command line and without passing through Bacula. As a result, it can write the backup to any Filesystem or restore to Amazon from any Filesystem. For example, users could restore a disk from other hypervisors to the cloud.
  • Bacula’s agentless virtualization technology and be used for protecting dynamic cloud environments, where the creation, change and deletion of instances can be constant.
  • Excellent in dynamic Cloud environments



Bacula’s EC2 technology delivers:

  • Flexibility for backup and restore.
  • Integration with other non-Amazon hypervisors or any other use case, in addition to from a backup job
  • Very fast incremental backup
  • Resilience and performance

Meet compliance and legal needs with ease. Protect scalable infrastructure, lower costs and increase your data security with Bacula. Here are just some of Bacula’s EC2 backup module features:

  • Image-level backup
  • Volume snapshots (crash-consistent)
  • Application-consistent support (switching of instances)
  • Full, Incremental and Differential
  • Single Item Restore
  • Block-by-block operation with high levels of concurrency
  • Support for proxy mode
  • High levels of resilience