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Benefits for Systems Integrators

Bacula’s comprehensive benefits give you the competitive edge.
You may already know that Bacula is used by organizations that need a high-end enterprise solution to correctly protect their data. But did you know that an especially high proportion of Bacula’s customers are from sectors such as National Research Laboratories, Bioscience, Government Agencies, Defense and Military, National Security Agencies, Energy, Retail, and large product manufacturers?

As part of its role in providing the most powerful backup and recovery solution to these verticals, Bacula typically works very closely with Systems Integrators to implement its powerful solution to maximum effect and makes it easy for SI’s to leverage Bacula’s industry-proven backup technology as it is rapidly adopted into these demanding sectors.

Bringing  Success to You
Bacula’s Systems Integrators Program truly provides all the tools, flexibility, and expert knowledge you need to easily implement high-value services to your customer environments. We empower your consultants and architects with the highest level of backup and recovery knowledge available in the industry.

Grow with us
Grow your service offerings with confidence and develop deeper customer relationships through Bacula’s sector-leading technology, support, and professional services. Bacula delivers the missing link you have been searching for to grow this part of your business – and combines it with licensing to fit your model of billing. Find out more on how Bacula helps Systems Integrators to be successful with their customers.


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Much better support than you expected
You know that it’s not about what you pay for, but what you actually get, that matters. That’s why Systems Integrators love Bacula Systems’ industry-beating, fast-response Technical Support. It simply better than any other vendor. That’s why our customers keep coming back – Bacula Systems has an industry record customer renewal rate, and prides itself on having quite simply the best support of any backup vendor.

The Flexibility That Systems Integrators Need
Bacula also allows its Systems Integrators to easily customize solutions to meet their specific needs and business objectives and gives you more choices in how you want to use Bacula. Did you know that Bacula offers an especially wide range of compatibility with different technologies compared to other vendors? It is a comprehensive solution that protects your customer’s entire IT environment, including all their databases, containers and VMs, tapes and Cloud storages.

“Of those evaluated, Bacula Enterprise was the only product that worked with HPSS out-of-the-box without vendor development, provided multi-user access (BWeb),had encryption compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards, did not have a capacity-based licensing model, and was available within budget”.    Gustav J Barkstrom, Systems Administrator at SSAI (NASA Langley contractor)


Let’s get started!

Become an Official Bacula Systems Integrator

So How Can Systems Integrators Actually Benefit?
  • Use customizable backup and recovery software to extend high-value services to any customer environment
  • Benefit from Bacula’s special offers in specific sectors such as HPC
  • Collaborate via Bacula’s senior experts to service with confidence, increase ROI and extend sales enablement. Enjoy direct access to Bacula’s engineers
  • Exploit Bacula’s extreme customizability to work in ANY ENVIRONMENT, and its flexibility to fit your billing method
  • Integration and de-risk assistance, including via zero-cost proof of concept
  • Leverage the only backup solution in the world that natively integrates with Kubernetes Clusters, Docker, Proxmox, KVM, RHV, Xen and many more
  • Benefit from Bacula’s expertise in sectors such as HPC, Government, Defense, MSPs, ISVs, E-Commerce, Fintech, Education, Research Laboratories, Bioscience, National Security Agencies and many other sectors
  • Energize your sales by professionally supplying Backup and recovery technology of the very highest quality; something each of your customers critically need


Systems Integrators Love Bacula’s Broad Compatibility
The diagram below demonstrates how Bacula offers more native, modular  integration with more technologies than practically any other solution on the market.


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Bacula leads all other vendors on TrustRadius

Further help:

  • Want to know the full extent of Bacula Enterprise’s capabilities? See the full feature list.
  • See how you can manage Bacula Enterprise from anywhere you have web access with BWeb™ Management Suite – a comprehensive GUI management suite that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide management. Contact us for a demonstration.
  • Want to see our full range of plugins?
  • Bacula Systems Administrator Training is available in offered throughout the year in different locations, to help you make the full use of Bacula Enterprise capabilities in your own environment.