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Reporting issues

1. Reporting an issue

1.1 Describe your issue

In case you encounter an issue, it is important to open a case to Bacula Systems Support Services with the maximum information about the job in error or the issue itself. For a job in error:
◾ Configuration of the job, ideally a bsys_report from the Director or the Storage Daemon if impacted, please see Notes below on how to generate it
◾ The complete joblog (backup and restore) with timestamps
◾ A description of how this job behaved in the past
◾ The impact of this error on your backup production infrastructure

1.2 Minimum logs to attach to an issue

In order to display the complete joblog, from bconsole simply type:

@tee /tmp/joblog-XXXX
llist joblog jobid=XXXX
◾ Where XXXX is the jobid of the job in error.
◾ You can now open a case and simply attach or copy/paste the content of the file /tmp/joblog-XXXX
◾ If you use a plugin, there are complementary logs in a dedicated /opt/bacula/working subfolder
◾ If you experience a crash of a Bacula service (DIRector/File Daemon/Storage Daemon), there are .lockdump/.traceback files located in /opt/bacula/working/ that are important for our development team to analyze in depth its cause. Please add them to the ticket.
◾ These lockdump and traceback files are generated only if gdb is installed on your server, please install it.

1.3 Notes

The more detailed your ticket is, the faster the support engineers can help you.
Please keep one issue per ticket. If you have several questions or problems, open a separate ticket for each of them.
The bsys_report script generator is downloadable here. More information about the bsys_report can be obtained by running it with the –-help command-line switch, i.e. ./bsys_report.pl -–help.
The Welcome Package has an entire chapter on how to submit a ticket, please do not hesitate to refer to it.

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