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SAP Backup Software Solutions and Tools

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SAP backup solutions and tools for all media types. 

The Bacula Enterprise SAP backup tool implements the official SAP BACKINT interface, which enables you to backup SAP using traditional tools and SAP database backup and restore procedures. This software solution is the official SAP-certified backup and restore implementation with Bacula Enterprise. It is fast, simple to use and implements all SAP backup best practices and strategies in a single product.


Key Benefits of Bacula SAP Backup

Uses official SAP backup and recovery BACKINT implementation
Provides a BC-BRI backup interface for Oracle
Allows SAP data recovery on both installed and uninstalled machines
SAP backup and restore procedures are available for Red Hat


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The best of SAP, Oracle and Bacula

The SAP backup solution contains various techniques and best practices to backup SAP and can be combined with the Bacula Enterprise Oracle tool to allow direct data transfer between Oracle RMAN and Bacula Enterprise. Once our tool is installed, it runs SAP backup and recovery simultaneously and works transparently in the background. The backup administrator can benefit from Bacula Enterprise multiplexing features to run backups and recoveries in parallel. Media used by Bacula Enterprise are available to backup SAP, which can use the same devices as Bacula Enterprise exclusively or share them with other backup types.

Backup Compatibility

  • The SAP backup tools is compatible with Bacula Enterprise version 6.6 and higher
  • The current Bacula Enterprise implements the backup and recovery interface for:
    • BC-BRI BACKINT Interface for Oracle databases
    • SAP DB

SAP HANA Backup and Recovery

Bacula Enterprise’s certified integration with SAP HANA now empowers its users to improve SAP HANA backup and recovery, increase IT efficiencies, manage data more economically and create greater value from their data using SAP HANA certified backup solutions.

Bacula’s new native SAP HANA backup software means data centers can freely backup, recover, migrate, clone, replicate and copy data without being penalized for increased data volume by their backup software vendor. No headaches with SAP HANA backup scripts – Bacula’s solutions works with HANA “out of the box”.

So now, data centers have the choice to employ an open source-based, highly scalable SAP HANA backup and recovery solution for their entire physical, virtual and cloud environments, regardless of architecture – all from a single platform. Bacula’s particularly broad feature-set for large data centers and MSPs, combined with its policy of not charging by data volume means companies can now free themselves from the proprietary shackles of their legacy SAP HANA backup and recovery vendor.


sap hana backup and recovery

Some key features of Bacula’s SAP HANA backup software:

  • Native certified integration allowing SAP HANA backup and recovery without manual steps and scripts
  • SAP users can migrate from Oracle to HANA using one platform
  • SAP HANA backup is possible into both public and private clouds
  • Comprehensive deduplication capabilities
  • Broad Linux distributions support (RHEL, SUSE, Debian, Ubuntu), as well as Windows, MacOS X, AIX or Solaris support
  • Advanced, multi-layered levels of security
  • Broad compatibility with SQL databases including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and SQLite

Bacula Systems’ zero data volume charges opens new opportunities for users, as well as saving them significant time and resources. Improve your enterprise SAP HANA backup strategy and enhance it with best practices from Bacula Systems.

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