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Automated Backup and Recovery for Docker

Bacula Systems announces the first fully integrated, automated backup and recovery for Docker. Free for a limited time!

Bacula Enterprise is the world’s first enterprise class backup and recovery solution to offer advanced, automated backup of Docker containers. Its Docker module takes container ease of use to a new level. Note: this world-leading technology has now been further updated to also include backup and recovery of Docker external volumes.

This module is integrated via the Docker API and means users can rapidly and easily backup multiple containers without having to install an agent inside each container. This automated backup for Docker is Bacula’s first step towards soon-to-be-announced full orchestration integration. It is available at most subscription levels of Bacula Enterprise at no additional cost for a limited period of time.

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The main features of the Bacula Docker Module are:

  • Backup and Recovery of the Docker container configuration, volumes and images
  • Fully integrated solution, adhering to Docker philosophy and methodology
  • Complete automation for rapid roll-out of container protection strategies
  • Fully effective integration, using Docker API
  • Aids preparation of new Docker images
  • Free of charge with Bronze Level Subscriptions and above (limited period offer)
  • Image saving, image rollback and backup of image changes
  • Fine grained control over what containers and images to back up or not to back up
  • Controlled backup of defined, specific Docker images

Bacula Enterprise software is designed so that organizations can deploy this solution for their entire physical, virtual, Cloud and all hybrid environments, regardless of architecture, all from a single platform.

Effective backup and recovery is especially important because when a container’s life ends, there may be data in it that is needed. However, due to the challenging nature of a containerized environment, other backup solutions cannot, as of today, perform simple and efficient backup of Docker containers – and in nearly all cases, not at all. Bacula is the only solution to provide fully automated backup of Docker.

docker container backup

Safe, Efficient Use of Docker

Effective DevOps environments must be scalable and automated wherever possible. Bacula Enterprise is designed to be stable, reliable and highly scalable and the module is aimed at easing the workloads of IT and DevOps departments using Docker, SUSE, Caas or Openshift. It makes Docker safer and more convenient to use than ever before. It is even possible to back up defined Docker images only, which can be used to create new containers when required.

Developers and Systems Administrators can use this advanced solution with an especially high level of flexibility – via either Bacula’s GUI or command line interface. Remember, this high level of flexibility and customization possibilities are fundamental to Bacula’s approach, which empowers the user by introducing a wide range of options to help you achieve your aims.

Beware of Other Vendor’s Claims

Some backup and recovery vendors are claiming to be able to backup and recover Docker. They are extremely limited, however, and simply add a container with their client service to a containerized application, and use that to back up the specific, required data. With these solutions, there is no straightforward, application-independent restore process available. The Administrator needs to rely on careful manual configuration, though, as well as understand the relationship of persistent storage entities; which application they belong to, which containers use it, and so on. In short, it is a workaround – not an effective solution.

Only Bacula offers a fully integrated, automated solution. With Bacula’s advanced Docker backup and recovery, backup teams do not need knowledge of container internals, applications, or storage assignments. Instead, Docker environments now become more efficient through automation and – most importantly – save valuable data generated from single or multiple Containers.

The Bacula Enterprise Docker Module is free with most levels of the Bacula Enterprise subscription, for a limited period of time!

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