Easy, fast and powerful Exchange server backup. Single Exchange mailbox restore.

The Windows VSS plugin used to backup Exchange can work with the following components:

  • System State writers
  • SharePoint
  • MS SQL database – differential backup and restore at the database level
  • Microsoft Exchange mail server – incremental backup and easy single exchange mailbox recovery at the mailbox level.

Bacula Enterprise Edition restores ALL of your MS Exchange mailboxes, whether on virtual or physical machines – including even compressed, deduplicated, Full, and Incremental Exchange backups. This brand new functionality brings you never-seen-before flexibility in how you approach your Exchange backups, delivering improved efficiency and a direct reduction in the time you spend during Microsoft Exchange recovery. It’s never been easier to backup Exchange 2013 and other versions, too.

One of the main advantages of using the Windows VSS plugin, is that if your system state is damaged, you can restore the particular element that is broken or the full system state while the system is running.


Management and operation can be via either text interface, or BWeb Management Suite GUI. Find the files you need in seconds – and restore easily.

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Single Mailbox Exchange Recovery. Fast and Simple.

With the VSS plugin, Bacula Enterprise Edition makes Exchange backup and recovery on individual mailbox level quicker and easier than ever. It gives you instant visibility into your Exchange backups along with the ability to recover single mailboxes with a speed and ease unmatched by any other vendor. Bacula Enterprise Edition brings fast, granular Exchange recovery into your hands with simple, sensible tools:

– Recovery of hard deleted items, with speed and ease using Bacula Enterprise Edition’s advanced tools
– Application-item recovery
– One-click mailbox restores, using either the dedicated GUI or the BWeb Management Suite for help desk operators
– Use Bacula Enterprise Edition on your existing Bacula Microsoft Exchange backups, including even your old Exchange backups. For example, you can backup Exchange 2010 — with no additional metadata or backups required
– Relocate restored mails into either the mailbox or into a sub folder

The following Microsoft Exchange versions are supported:

Microsoft Exchange: 2007

Microsoft Exchange: 2010

Microsoft Exchange: 2013

Microsoft Exchange: 2003

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Further help:

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