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No Capacity-Based Pricing: read this before making any purchasing decision.

Is your backup system all it should be?
Why not join the smart crowd that has already moved to Bacula. To help you see whether you could improve your backup & restore performance and reduce your costs… Bacula offers you a free assessment of your current Backup & Restore infrastructure. Meanwhile, how to make a positive impact in your organization? Read on…


What about (hidden) storage costs?
Many in the smart crowd told us that when they looked at the huge investment they had made in the latest-generation storage hardware, they realized that their current backup solution lacked the capabilities to take full advantage of it, so it was not really amortizing the investment fully. Good investment or… something else?

What the smart crowd learned is that Bacula Enterprise’s features and plugins helped them increase their storage hardware capacity by up to 60% without additional costs! Smart. So where is this rabbit they pulled out of the hat? Some of the most popular ones included plug-ins like the Incremental Accelerator for NetApp, and SAN Shared Storage, and, of course, NDMP.


Are you really free to choose the type of servers you need?
Do you find yourself choosing the type of servers to reduce the per-CPU fees your backup & restore vendor charges? The smart crowd chooses Bacula Enterprise because its pricing model is transparent – with no extra charges per CPU. Smart… and simple, you can just choose the servers that are right for your needs – without worrying about the penalty for additional CPUs. For a full list, have a look at the Bacula software compatibility


Who manages your account?
The smart crowd knows that it’s easier to deal with a vendor that provides you with a single point of contact, rather than having to figure out how the vendor’s company works and who to call for sales information, licensing questions or anything else…

Bacula Systems gives you one point of contact to get answers to all your questions. Just call your Bacula Systems sales manager to get more (smart) information on our Centralized Account Care.


How do you like the support you get?
The smart crowd knows that it’s not about what you pay for, but what you actually get, that matters. That’s why they love Bacula Systems’ solution – which combines Enterprise Edition, a high-quality, highly scalable, robust solution, and fast-response Technical Support. So, they keep coming back – Bacula Systems has an industry record customer renewal rate. The smart crowd really is smart – when they find the good stuff, keep it!


What kind of support do you expect?
Ever lost your car keys when you are already late for an appointment? We know how that feels – and our support team is keenly focused on working within your timing (within reason, of course). Bacula Systems strives to help you find that critical file and restore it when it’s needed most, and to help you optimize your backup environment so it’s not lost in the first place.

The smart crowd gets Gold or a Platinum subscription that guarantees 1-hour response time for Severity 1 Level technical issues (with no extra charge). Maybe you should know what the smart crowd already knows… have a look at this page about Technical Support.


What about data volume growth? How will that impact performance… and of course, costs?
The smart crowd thinks ahead… and does not like the idea of increasing costs with increasing volume, that is what brings them to Bacula – because we don’t charge extra for data volume (we know it will grow – ours does too!). There is no capacity based licensing with Bacula. So, no nasty surprises which can cost as much as US$ 8,000 per Terabyte!

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the SDV Plurimédia case study. Bacula Systems helps you predictably control data centre costs. We are the only open-core Enterprise Backup, Restore and Data Recovery software vendor that’s on your side… helping you avoid paying unnecessary, and often astronomical, fees.


What about license management?
The smart crowd thinks beyond the painful cost of most backup solutions, and considers the additional (hidden) cost… managing all those licenses! That’s why they love Bacula Systems’ annual subscription, which includes Bacula Enterprise, comprehensive technical support, patches, updates and upgrades. Simple, and smart!


What is your total cost of ownership (TCO)?
OK – time for the accounting lesson… (didn’t expect that, did you?). When it comes to costs, it’s more than just about the license fee (or in some cases many, many, many license fees), you have to count all the costs that got into delivering the service. You also should be able to predict how much that will change over time – what will it be in 1 year, or 2, or 3? Don’t know? Well, you are not alone. Bacula Systems to the rescue – just one annual subscription fee gets you everything you need from our side, simplifying the calculation and making it easier to predict what costs will be in future. When you renew your subscription, you already know how much you will pay. No surprises (the smart crowd loves this – and probably even studied accounting!).


How would you use 50% more Backup & Recovery budget?
This is where the smart crowd show how smart they really are… when they face the problem we all have of smaller budgets to serve growing needs, they know that Bacula Systems is the smart choice. With just a single subscription fee (you even get to choose the service level) and no license fee, no per-CPU charge, no data volume charge… the choice just looks better and better. All the subscriptions include Bacula Enterprise, technical support, patches, updates and upgrades. The bonus is that it even costs less! Just think of it, all that goodness at significantly lower cost than other vendors, so you have more financial flexibility (some of the smart crowd saved as much as 50%!), and a better Backup & Restore solution. No wonder they are called the smart crowd!

Need more information (or a bit more convincing)… just contact us.

What now?

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