Hyper V virtual machine backup solution that has never been faster or easier.

Backup Hyper V in seconds. Restore easily.
Backup Hyper V VM
This plugin uses Full level Hyper-V VM backups using the VSS API. When used of the Global Endpoint Deduplication plugin and the ‘bothsides” FileSet option, the amount of data transfer and storage use is minimized, often to a great extent. The Hyper-V plugin also can make incremental backup of Hyper-V host.

Hyper-V Backup Software Key Benefits

  • Full image level backups of virtual machines on Hyper-V servers
  • Restores complete virtual machine image
  • Restores disk images
  • VSS-based snapshots for quiescing VSS-based applications

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Even greater speed, disk and time savings to backup Hyper V with Global Endpoint Deduplication
Great gains and savings are nearly always possible using Global Endpoint Deduplication and a variety of additional specialist features. Global Endpoint Deduplication is an especially advanced deduplication engine that assesses data at the block level, then writes only new blocks and references Bacula volumes to blocks recorded in Bacula’s Deduplication engine. As well as saving storage extremely effectively, network bandwidth usage sees a great benefit, achieved by only sending unknown blocks to the Storage Daemon from the File Daemon.

Supported Versions:

Hyper-V Version/OS        VM Versions Supported
Windows Server 2008                    1.0
Windows Server 2008 SP1             2.0
Windows Server 2008 R2               3.0
Windows Server 2012                    4.0

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