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Enterprise Data Backup Tools in Bacula Enterprise. Backup Tools from Bacula Systems.

Enterprise data backup tools for every IT infrastructure. Improve your data protection with granularity and performance from Bacula Systems backup tools.

These enterprise data backup tools for Bacula Enterprise Edition bring rich new features and enhancements for backup and data recovery to enterprises, data centers and managed service providers.

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Virtual Machine Backup Tools

Client-Free VMware backup tools

Using raw level backup via NBD or SAN, these data backup modules are removing the requirement of installing a File Daemon on each guest. Leveraging VMware’s Changed Block Tracking, sizes of large backup sets are significantly reduced, easing load on drives and networks.

Hyper-V backup tools

Backing up and restoring Hyper-V virtual machines is supported with Full level backups using the VSS API.

KVM enterprise backup tools

Backing up and restoring KVM virtual machines at fi le level is now supported. These data backup tools are using the libvirt virtual machine management interface.

Proxmox backup tools

Proxmox VE is a powerful and lightweight open source server virtualization software, optimized for performance and usability. Offering maximum flexibility and using the Proxmox API.

Xen enterprise backup tools

Full level Citrix XenServer backup is possible with Bacula Enterprise Edition.

Red Hat Virtualization Tool

Unlike its competitors, Bacula’s RHV solution is far more advanced and backs up RHV VMs through the hypervisor. It also excels at file-based backups, and can even perform Bare-Metal restores from file-based Windows backups.

Database Backup Tools

Oracle enterprise backup tools

These data backup modules are designed to enable the backup and restore of data and configurations stored in Oracle Database servers. Improves backup performance dramatically by using a block-level implementation.

SAP enterprise backup tools

SAP data backup tools implement the official SAP BACKINT interface, which simplifies backup and restore of SAP using traditional SAP database tools.

PostgreSQL backup tools

These data backup tools are designed to simplify the backup and restore procedure of your PostgreSQL cluster.

MS SQL Server backup tools

These powerful data backup tools enable point-in-time recovery for SQL server, along with auto detection of SQL server data bases. Using a large range of database selection tools, it also avoids the need to send the backup data to an intermediary  disk. Its comprehensive functionality list means it provides the opportunity for best-practice SQL Server backup. It enables Full backup, Differential and Incremental backup, and transactional backup in MSSQL.

SQL Server backup is also available via the VSS backup tools.

MySQL enterprise backup tools

The easiest, fastest and most secure way to backup and restore your MySQL database. These data backup tools allow Dump and Binary mode backups of your MySQL databases.

MySQL Percona module for Bacula Enterprise is a hot backup utility for MySQL-based servers which removes the need to lock your database during the backup. Bacula System's Percona backup tool uses techniques that ensure consistency of the whole backup. Another advantage is that Bacula's Percona backup software does not require the use of large temporary files

Storage Backup Tools

Incremental Accelerator for NetApp backup tool

These enterprise backup tools are designed to simplify the backup and restore procedure of your NetApp NAS, hosting a huge number of files.

NDMP enterprise backup tools

These enterprise data backup tools are enhanced to use Filer-to-Server through the NDMP protocol and adds support for additional NAS vendors.

SAN Shared Storage backup tools

These data backup tools are used to optimize and increase tape library usage by providing shared access to tape drives.

Directory Backup Tools

Open LDAP backup tools

A directory solution is a structure that stores information about computers and devices on the network, including user and software configurations. Its installation and implementation is done on the servers called domain controllers, and may contain replicas on various computers in the organization located in local or remote areas. Backup of Active Directory is vital for organization’s business continuity.

Directory Server enterprise backup tools

The Directory Server backup tools are designed to perform backup and restore of single objects in either LDAP or Active Directory.

More Backup Tools

Microsoft Exchange backup tools

Performs incremental backup and allows you to restore at the mailbox level.

OpenShift Automated Backup and Restore

Bacula is the first broad enterprise solution to offer fully integrated, fully automated backup and recovery for OpenShift.

Kubernetes Fully Integrated Backup and Recovery

Take advantage of Bacula's comprehensive Kubernetes backup and recovery solution for enterprise deployments and advanced Cloud portability.

Delta tools

Using signature-based file difference, for backing up large binary files with unprecedented efficiency.


Docker Automated Backup and Restore

Bacula Enterprise boasts the worlds first fully integrated, fully automated backup and recovery for Docker.


Further help on enterprise data backup tools:

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