Enterprise tape backup software system. Reliable tape backup solution with broad device support

Tape backup software solution

Despite some vendors stating that ‘tape is dead’, tape backup software still continue to be one of the key technologies in enterprise backup. The main reason for this is reliability of the backup tape. Continuing tape backup system modernization brings increasing performance and capacity, while lowering cost per GB of data stored.

Many system administrators and IT directors discuss the pros and cons of both backup to tape and disk. However, a balanced backup and recovery strategy brings disk and tape backup solutions together. One of the examples of using tape backup solution is transferring the 60-180 days disk backups to (lower cost) tapes or even to low-cost disk and then tape (D2D2T).

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Bacula Enterprise Edition is based on the Bacula community project (bacula.org) which has been backing up to tape since its conception as one of the main media types. In fact, being a Swiss-born company means supporting tape backup system as a #1 priority. Bacula Enterprise tape backup software is enterprise-ready. It is very agnostic when it comes to tape drives, autoloaders and library models. This means that a large range of tape backup solutions and systems are available to the Bacula user. As long as the hardware can be accessed via mt/mtx commands, Bacula will be able to utilize it.

The following libraries and autoloaders are known to work with Bacula Enterprise Edition:

  • DELL PowerVault TL4000
  • Qualstar RLS-8450
  • StorageTek L180
  • Oracle StorageTek SL500
  • Oracle StorageTek SL3000

Backup to magnetic tapeThe following tape drives are used in the above libraries and are known to work with Bacula Enterprise Edition:

  • HP StoreEver LTO-4 Ultrium
  • IBM TS1130 E06
  • IBM LTO Ultrium TD2
  • IBM LTO Ultrium HH4
  • IBM LTO Ultrium HH5
  • IBM LTO Ultrium HH6
  • Other LTO tape backup drives

Bacula Enterprise Edition improves your tape backup solution capacity and efficiency with its powerful Global Endpoint Deduplication, Aligned Volume Deduplication and incremental backup availability. It brings management flexibility to your tape backup system with a variety of options: simple command line or powerful online interface — BWeb Management Suite.

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