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Data Backup and Recovery in Defense and Military Organizations

Large western government and military institutions rely on Bacula, mainly due to the especially high levels of security that it offers. Read below to understand why you need to urgently move to Bacula’s security levels in your organization.

Bacula’s extreme flexibility to adapt and fit into a user environment without compromise inherently aids that organization’s security, and cannot be underestimated. Bacula’s modular architecture does not need, nor indeed allows two way communication between its individual elements, which removes the fundamental security vulnerabilities in one stroke that most of its competitors suffer from. Bacula’s exceptional security qualities are multiplied exponentially by the simple fact that although Bacula can protect practically any data from any operating system, its core engine runs on Linux. As a result, it is significantly more secure than its peers. However, there are many other security advantages with Bacula, such as its advanced security-specific tools.

Western defense and military organizations are broadly working to modernize their IT infrastructure to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  As part of the many changes involved in this process, an especially large proportion of defense and military organizations in the Western world are shifting to Bacula Enterprise in order to meet their special use cases and security needs.

Their IT centers face an ongoing challenge to adapt and improve their IT operations to remain flexible and offer the latest performance capabilities. New and different approaches to security, efficiency and performance are needed – and are indeed currently being adopted – to achieve these improvements.

Bacula anticipates that technology and innovation improvements in this space will increase, especially in specific areas such as automation and digitization technologies, heightened security, new materials,  alternative energy sources and storage, the continued proliferation of data sources and the ability to transmit data and increasingly rapid development cycles.

Most of the largest military organizations in the Western world rely on Bacula today to safeguard their critical data. As more defense, military and government agencies shift to using Bacula, a pattern of needs clearly emerges from these organizations, and the reasons why the shift takes place. The Bacula Systems white paper ‘Data Backup and Recovery in the Defense Sector‘ discusses the considerations and advantages of using FIPS 140-2 compliant Bacula Enterprise as a central data backup and recovery system within defense organizations, and how it can – and does – facilitate a specific, yet critical part in these organization’s enterprise-wide approach to digital modernization.

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