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Announcing Bacula’s OpenStack backup module.

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Comprehensive backup and recovery of OpenStack

Comprehensive backup and recovery for

Bacula Enterprise has deep capabilities in its ability to back up and restore OpenStack environments and gives users the ability to perform advanced backup and fast recovery of OpenStack.

Bacula offers a choice of different ways to back up OpenStack elements, hypervisors, data and applications. Unlike other backup vendors, Bacula – just as it does with its backup of other hypervisors – offers a higher level of flexibility and scalability regarding Openstack protection.

OpenStack users can now use Bacula for:

  • Full and Incremental and Differential block level image backup
  • High flexibility, via both File Deamon and agentless backup
  • Full integration with the OpenStack environment, simultaneously accessing all the features and capabilities of Bacula’s broad, highly secure enterprise backup and recovery solution.
  • Snapshot-based backup – for hot and consistent backups
  • Agentless deployment
  • Backup of volumes attached to Instances

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Bacula's especially wide range of features

Bacula has an especially wide range of technology compatibility compared to other vendors

Make sure your backup and recovery software is the most flexible solution available. Bacula Enterprise spans more virtual machine-types than any other scalable backup and recovery solution: in addition to Nutanix, Bacula natively integrates with VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, RHV, Xen Azure VM, OpenStack and Proxmox for lightning-fast performance, agentless integration and advanced features. Bacula also delivers vast inter-operable capabilities with hybrid cloud connectivity as well as your container environment.

«The most powerful backup tool on the market. Multi-cloud, multi-environment and multi-OS backups in one tool»

Do you care about security? Bacula’s unique architecture brings especially high levels of security and trustworthiness over other solutions, as well as cutting edge intrusion-detection tools. Its extreme customizability means it molds into your special security and compliance needs to make your infrastructure even more secure. Just ask our military and defense customers.

Get in touch now to talk to our experts on how our OpenStack module can help make your life easier.


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