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Bacula 2024

One of the most exciting technology development programs in the industry

Data poisoning detection

  • Easily implement alerts of all suspicious patterns

Smart security assessment

  • Personalized management of environment security
  • Centralized detection of insecure configurations

Highly controllable security

  • Granular encryption when sending data to untrusted storage
  • Global encryption to disk, tape or cloud with high control
  • Isolate/access data from each storage using keys

Automatic workload configurations

  • Automate workloads into small backup routines
  • Apply to any NAS for NDMP-based routines at Volume level
  • Agentless-based routines at Virtual Machine level

Infrastructure as a service protection

  • Backup/restore VMs in public, hybrid or private clouds
  • Protect Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services workloads
  • Protect private cloud workloads in Azure, AWS and OpenStack

Disaster recovery to the cloud

  • Hybrid cloud protection with data tier Cloud connection
  • Run regular backups of your backup environment
  • Save resources by easy DR from a cloud backup
  • Automatically generate configurations to run data recovery routines

Virtual machines replication

  • Copy / run your VMs in a different replica center
  • Access immediate backups of your VMs,
  • Run consistent replications from snapshots

Microsoft exchange single item restore

  • Protect all your Exchange data
  • Support On-Prem, Hybrid or M365 Cloud
  • Restore everything at item level
Bacula Enterprise is one of the very highest security backup and recovery solutions available in the industry today.
It is relied on as the main backup system by the largest defense organizations in the West. In addition, Bacula’s highly modular architecture means you only use – and pay for – what you need.
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