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Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

A Better Licensing Model for IT departments and MSPs Offering Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Bacula: The most competitive, comprehensive M365 backup solution.

Bacula’s’ backup and recovery module for Microsoft 365 is available with a unique pricing model that makes a great difference all MSPs and large data centers. Its module for Microsoft 365 includes advanced granular backup and recovery capabilities for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneNote and Calendar, Teams, and more.

Microsoft 365 Backup Whitepaper

It’s not uncommon for a lot of companies to have poorly defined plans in regards to data protection for their Microsoft 365 use. Many users find themselves relying upon Microsoft’s built-in capabilities, and are still to correctly address the M365-related backup and recovery needs of their organization

While it is true that Microsoft 365 does create its own backups of their data based on their own Service Level Agreements (SLA), this backup – or more importantly – its recovery capabilities are  mostly designed and used for disaster recovery purposes. The main reason for that is that the Shared Responsibility Model that Microsoft uses is based on the responsibility of Microsoft themselves to only ensure service availability and perform infrastructure maintenance.

Any company using Microsoft 365 should implement additional measures when it comes to backup and data protection, because Microsoft’s own backup services are not intended for complete enterprise backup needs, and should not be relied upon  for anything but infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, Microsoft 365’s data retention policies tend to differ from one service to another, potentially providing little to no actual protection to the user’s content in case of a disaster.

Even an SLA as high as 99% cannot make a company’s data immune to any kind of disaster, and Microsoft themselves encourage user’s own actions towards regular data backups, with the biggest recommendation being regular backups of your content. As such, it is highly recommended for a company to use a third-party Microsoft 365 backup solution such as the one provided by Bacula Systems.

Bacula’s highly scalable solution now comes with a game-changing pricing model that allows large organizations and MSPs to make enormous savings. This is applicable to every organization that have more than three or four hundred M365 users. Every MSP now has a new opportunity to enhance its product portfolio and profitability.

There are also other features of Bacula as a M365 backup solution that users can take advantage of, such as:

  • Backup automatization, with an unusually high degree of control.
  • Capability to protect the entire set of Microsoft 365 apps – from SharePoint and Teams to OneDrive, Exchange, and more;
  • Extremely high levels of security – especially compared to other  backup and recovery vendors, to prevent multiple different cases of data loss, such as ransomware, accident, or human error;
  • Ability to restore both the entire environments as well as specific files or objects from a backup – there is a search feature, as well as multiple different restoration criteria (content type, owner, title, etc.);
  • A unified management platform that allows for API access, audit reporting, as well as many different administrative tasks;
  • Throttling reduction measures for faster M365 backups by using multiple accounts;
  • Ability to integrate with APIs of specific Microsoft applications, this includes using access to MS Teams API to create purpose-built backups with full control over them;
  • Support for hybrid M365 environments, combining the advantages of remote and on-premise deployments without lowering the level of backup protection that a Microsoft 365 backup solution can provide.

Bacula architecture and design is important for M365 users because it addresses the issues of:

  • Internal organization accidents or mistakes
  • External security threats such as ransomware
  • Compliance and other legal requirements
  • Retention policy requirements
  • Accidental deletion of 365 data
  • API lock-in, or API changes by the SaaS provider

Unlike other vendors, Bacula’s unique restore capabilities mean you can read restored data even when Microsoft is completely offline.

Bacula scales to many thousands of users. Its backup and recovery solution for MSPs also includes a user-oriented web front-end to allow an MSPs’ customers to easily perform their own backup and recovery tasks. Bacula also provides Incremental and Differential backup, advanced Deduplication and Compression technologies, as well as a REST API for Cloud Service Providers to develop their own user front-end or C-Panel.

Bacula’s module for Microsoft 365 is very easy to deploy and configure. It is shipped with advanced parallelization, resiliency and flexibility features in addition to be covering most of the possible M365 use case scenarios. Remember – Bacula not only covers M365, it also covers your entire IT infrastructure to an extremely granular level. Contact us to find out more.