Exchange Server Backup Software for 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010.

Granular Exchange Server backup software with single mailbox restore.

Due to the importance and criticality of email service, the regular Exchange backup should be made in order to ensure that all mail items can be recovered in the event of disaster or a server crash. Because of the fact that Microsoft Exchange executes several processes simultaneously, its backup operations are more complex than simple copies of files that are not being used at a given moment in time. That means that Exchange backup software needs to be sophisticated enough to ensure data consistency.

Bacula Enterprise’s  advanced backup software enables highly effective incremental Exchange backup and fast, easy single mailbox recovery at the mailbox level. This results in saved storage space and performs Exchange server backup more efficiently.

Bacula Enterprise’s Exchange backup software restores ALL of your mailboxes, whether on virtual or physical machines – including even compressed, deduplicated, full and incremental Exchange backup. It’s never been easier to backup Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010. Please note that Bacula also allows seamlessly integrated one-click restore at mail level for on-premise Exchange servers.

Bacula also provides comprehensive backup for M365. Find out more here.

Exchange backup software



Management and online operation under your Microsoft Exchange backup can be via either text interface, or BWeb Management Suite GUI. Find the files you need in seconds – and restore easily.

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Exchange Server Backup Features

Automatic execution of Exchange mailbox backups in a simple and effective way using the administration consoles for their configuration and implementation.
Centralized administration of Exchange backup management operations through different consoles in different environments such as command line, GUI and web interface.
Support of the different types of Exchange mailbox backup (incremental, differential and full) which saves both storage space and network bandwidth as well as backup scheduling support.
Progressive Virtual Full Exchange backup solution which dramatically reduces the disk space required for backup due to the synthetic Exchange server backup capability.
Flexible and easy administration of Exchange email server backup scheduling which allows to configure policies and retention periods that optimize the performance of the platform.

Backup Exchange Server to different locations either local or remote that guarantee 100% protection of the backed up data. Use any type of storage media such as external and local disks, USB devices, network disks, NAS, SAN and the cloud to different providers, such as Amazon, Azure and hundreds of others.
Encryption and compression of the backed up Exchange mailbox data data offering smart security mechanisms and access control.
Notifications of the execution of the Exchange backup jobs and the messages generated after the execution (including warning, attention or information).
Ability to verify the execution of Exchange backup jobs which is done automatically or by running a specific verification job from the console.
Backup all Exchange server objects, mailboxes and user data as well as granular recovery of them according to the parameters or conditions required.

Single Mailbox Recovery in Bacula Exchange Server Backup Software. Fast and Simple.

Bacula Enterprise makes Exchange backup and recovery on individual mailbox level quicker and easier than ever. It gives you instant visibility into your Exchange backup along with the ability to recover single mailboxes with a speed and ease unmatched by any other vendor. Bacula Enterprise brings fast, granular Exchange recovery into your hands with simple, sensible tools:

Recovery of hard deleted items with speed and ease using Bacula Enterprise’s advanced Exchange backup software
Application-item recovery in Exchange backup solution
One-click mailbox restores, using either the dedicated GUI or the BWeb Management Suite for help desk operators
Use Bacula Enterprise on your existing Bacula Microsoft Exchange backups, including even your old backups. For example, you can backup Exchange 2013 — with no additional metadata or backups required
Relocate restored mails into either the mailbox or into a sub folder

From the Bacula console or web interface users have a complete view of all the objects of the Exchange backup server. They can make specific granular searches which allow them to make quick recoveries of individual items of Exchange such as mailboxes without the need to completely recover the databases of Microsoft Exchange server.

Our Exchange backup software supports the following Exchange Server versions:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Granular Exchange Server recovery allows:

  • Run searches of the items you want to recover in an easy, friendly and simple way;
  • Recover selected Exchange items with a single click from the console;
  • Restore the elements to their original location or to another one if necessary.

Further help to your interest in Exchange Server backup software:

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