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Bacula Systems’ Partners

The Bacula Systems™ partner program is designed to create a community of support providers to which Bacula Enterprise users can turn to for the help they need to deploy Bacula software successfully in their enterprise.

Bacula Systems partners are required to obtain training and certification to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and methods, and have access to the support they need from Bacula Systems if required.

The combination of local and customer-specific knowledge provided by partners complemented by the in-depth knowledge of Bacula Enterprise that we have makes for a more flexible and comprehensive solution to your support requirements.

Bacula Systems primarily provides third-level support to partners. To find qualified Bacula Enterprise support, please contact Bacula Systems for the name of a Bacula Systems partner near you. If required, Bacula Systems does offer support services directly to end-users if there is no suitable partner company available.

Once a partner company has been identified and certified, we will make every effort to make a seamless transition to the local support provider.

Join the partner program, which is designed to help resellers and integrators expand their portfolio, and integrate Bacula Enterprise and professional services. When you partner with Bacula Systems, you are joining a community of professionals that believe in the future of Open Core software – and want to help customers make the transition away from proprietary software, and towards implementing high quality backup and data recovery solutions that are extremely cost-effective.

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