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Data Protection in Government Agencies

National and regional government departments are broadly working to modernize their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of digitisation, improved security and automation. Government IT Directors face an ongoing challenge to adapt and improve their IT operations to remain flexible, robust and offer the latest performance capabilities. New and different approaches to security, efficiency and performance are needed – and are indeed currently being adopted – to achieve these improvements.

Some government IT departments have data backup processes in place that are out of date, no longer fit for purpose, or have been outgrown. Other departments may be adequately protected, but paying far more of the tax payers’ money than they need to. Of course, many have to deal with limited resources, or incomplete training and experience. Bacula anticipates that technology and innovation improvements in the government ITC space will increase in pace, especially in specific areas such as security, edge compute, container technologies and automation approaches. However, cyber attacks will also increase.

Bacula’s Simple Guide to protecting Government Agencies with Backup and Recovery is available below. This is recommended reading for Government Leaders:

  • Top 4 Whitepaper Highlights
    1. The correct backup software – in simple terms – to actively protect against threats, and the value of that to your organization
    2. Elements to check with the IT department to ensure reasonable backup and recovery is in place to protect the organization
    3. Understanding what your backup software should provide
    4. How to be able to truly trust your backup software

Government Executives need to be involved and be ready to take ultimate responsibility for maximizing their organizations’ safety. A main cornerstone of this is the data backup and recovery solution your organization uses, and the malware attack detection capabilities your organization has. Bacula urges all government leaders to carefully check through the elements in this simple paper with their IT leaders. A more technically detailed paper for IT Directors is available upon request. This straightforward paper helps a government officer to be absolutely sure their organization is effectively protected with backup and recovery – from the executive perspective.

As more research and government agencies shift to using Bacula, a pattern of needs clearly emerges from these organizations, and the reasons why the shift takes place. The Bacula Systems white paper ‘Data Backup and Recovery for Government Agency Leaders‘ discusses the simple considerations and advantages for data backup that government leaders should check through with their IT departments.

Governments around the word are using FIPS 140-2 compliant Bacula Enterprise as a central data backup and recovery system within their organizations. It facilitates a specific, yet critical part in these organization’s enterprise-wide approach to digital modernization.