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Sybase Backup and Recovery Software.

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Ease, simplicity and speed of your Sybase backup.

The Bacula Enterprise Sybase backup module is designed to significantly simplify the backup and restore operations of your Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. One of the many advantages of this module is that the backup administrator does not need to have knowledge about the internals of Sybase backup techniques, nor write complex scripts.

The Bacula Enterprise Sybase backup software supports Point In Time Recovery (PITR) with Sybase Backup Server Archive API backup and restore techniques.

This Sybase module is able to do incremental and differential backup of the database at a block level. It is available on 32 and 64-bit Linux platforms supported by Sybase, and supports Sybase ASE 12.5, 15.5, 15.7 and 16.0.

The Adaptive Server Enterprise Module makes life a lot easier for Sybase admins.

sybase backup

Sybase Backup Features Summary:

  • Sybase database online backup and restore using Sybase Backup Server Archive API.
  • Support for Full Database backup and restore, Cumulative Database (incremental) backup and restore, Database Transactions backup and restore.
  • Database backup levels are smoothly mapped to Bacula Enterprise backup levels.
  • All backup or restore operations are managed by the database administrator.
  • Ability to restore any database backup to an alternate location.
  • Direct support of PITR with database transaction restoration.

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