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Our Support Service in Detail

Bacula Systems support team members pride themselves on offering the best support in the industry… to you. But more than even that, Bacula support is unique in that it is highly individualized and delivers specialized support to each of its customers.

Whether it is a certain type or style of support that is needed, Bacula Systems is the company with the correct organization to listen to you, and then provide you with exactly the type of support that you want. The following links provide information on what kind of elements our support service actually consist of, and why our class of service leaves other software companies far behind:


Ludovic Piquerez

Director of Support at Bacula Systems

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback is a critical component of our Support Services lifecycle. Our team reacts and adapts to the customers needs and input. Contact us to find out more on how we make sure our customers get the help they need.

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