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Kubernetes Backup and Restore

The world's first enterprise-grade Kubernetes backup and restore solution

Bacula Enterprise is the world’s first enterprise class backup and recovery solution to offer advanced, automated Kubernetes backup with clusters support. Its Kubernetes backup and restore module makes container orchestration more deployable than ever before. This backup module includes persistent volumes, and provides a large range of architecture possibilities.

This automated Kubernetes backup is Bacula’s second step in recent months towards full orchestration integration. It is available at most subscription levels of Bacula Enterprise at no additional cost for a limited period of time.

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Bacula Systems' Containers Early Adopter Program provides members with early access to new Container and Cluster technology.

Some of the benefits of Bacula’s integrated Kubernetes backup and restore module include:

  • Free of charge with Bronze Level Subscriptions and above
  • Kubernetes clusters backup and restore
  • Enabling fast and efficient redeployment of a cluster's resources
  • Saving amended configurations for complete security, and restoring to exact same state
  • Saving configurations for use with other operations

Bacula Enterprise also offers advanced backup for Docker containers, including external volumes. Effective Kubernetes backup and restore is especially important because when a container’s life ends, there may be data in it that is needed. However, due to the challenging nature of a containerized environment, other backup solutions cannot, as of today, perform simple and efficient backup of Docker containers – and in nearly all cases, not at all. Bacula is the only solution to provide fully automated Kubernetes and Docker backup.

Safe & Efficient Deployment of Kubernetes Clusters

Effective DevOps environments must be scalable and automated wherever possible. Bacula Enterprise is designed to be stable, reliable and highly scalable and its container modules are aimed at easing the workloads of IT and DevOps departments using Docker, Kuberbetes, SUSE, Caas or Openshift. It makes Kuberbetes safer and more convenient to deploy than ever before.

Whether your deployed container environment is used for lift-and-shift of monolithic applications, or refactoring legacy applications, or building new distributed applications - developers and Systems Administrators can use Bacula's advanced technology with an especially high level of flexibility – via either Bacula’s GUI or command line interface. Remember, this high level of flexibility and customization possibilities are fundamental to Bacula’s approach: to empower the user by introducing a wide range of options to her/him you achieve their aims.