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Bacula Exchange EWS Backup Module

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Highly efficient protection of Exchange is at your fingertips.

Now you can access mailbox items locally or remotely. Bacula offers you highly secure, full protection of both on-prem Exchange and Office 365, too. Backup and restore Microsoft Exchange environments at item level – and be able to restore single emails, attachments, contacts, tasks or calendar events.

Only restore the data you need – quickly. Here are just some of Bacula’s EWS backup module features:

  • Backup and restore Exchange Server at item level such as Message, appointment, contact, task and attachment
  • Fast Full, Incremental & Differential backups with Multiple parallelization capabilities
  • Generation of user-friendly reports for restore operations
  • Advanced Network resilience mechanisms
  • Advanced Mailbox discovery capabilities
  • Restore objects to Original service one or migrate to different destination Exchange service
  • Restore also locally to filesystem (export)
  • Emails indexed to allowing to browse by their contents
  • Powerful filtering for email (privacy, spam, security, etc.)
  • Unique feature to exclude information to be indexed or protected for users privacy reasons.
  • Export function: backup the data in format that is suitable to be imported in a different mail service.

Backup Exchange EWS