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Personalized and Customized Support

Bacula Systems Support Service is very different from other companies. One of the factors that makes Bacula Systems very different from other Data Backup companies is the way it engages with customers to ensure their success. Bacula System’s support service has an active relationship with each of its customers, offering personalized service as a normal part of

its contract with the customer. This support model has been in place at Bacula Systems for many years, and is affirmed by our customers many testimonies.

Some of the many examples of the pro-active personalized support that are offered are:

Configuration Review Bacula Systems does a check of your Bacula configuration to ensure that Bacula is optimally configured, and that everything is correctly set up
Technical Review This review takes into account the wider scope of your Bacula implementation, and looks at opportunities on where to improve implementation additional possibilities, and preparation for future scaling.

Best practice Implementation This is a great way to make sure your backup approach is thoroughly implemented and professionally executed.
New Features implementation Customers that require high-end or special features can engage with our support department to find out what is possible with our highly customizable products

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