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MySQL Percona Enterprise backup tool from Bacula – the best MySQL backup software solution

The Best MySQL Enterprise Backup Tool. For Incremental MySQL Enterprise Backup in Dump and Binary Mode.

The MySQL backup tool in Bacula Enterprise Edition is designed to both simplify and accelerate the backup of your MySQL databases. Designed to save your valuable time, the system administrator does not need to know the internals of MySQL DB backup techniques or programming to write complex scripts. This enterprise MySQL backup software will automatically backup essential information such as configuration or user definitions. Putting speed and accurate data recovery into the hands of the user, this enterprise MySQL backup solution supports both Dump and binary backup of MySQL database and data recovery techniques.

The Point In Time Recovery feature is available for both Dump and Binary. The enterprise MySQL backup tool also backs up vital meta-data information and manages Object filtering during MySQL database backup and restore. No special scripting skills are required.

This enterprise MySQL backup tool is available on Linux 32 and 64 bits platforms and supports MySQL backup database 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 5.0.x, 5.5.x, 5.6.x.

MySQL Percona

More flexibility, more tools, more options - and super-fast recovery.

With the Binary option, Bacula Enterprises' MySQL module uses Percona tools to handle Full, Incremental and Differential backups. The MySQL Percona module for Bacula Enterprise is a hot backup utility for MySQL based servers which removes the need to lock your database during the backup.

The Percona module uses techniques that ensure consistency of the the whole backup. Another advantage is that Bacula's Percona module does not require the use of large temporary files.

During restore, Databases are restored to a temporary location, then made consistent using the 'Prepare' option on the Percona tools, prior to actually modifying the live database. Rather than doing  the 'Prepare' work to make the database consistent at restore time, the 'Prepare' can be done automatically by the module during the backup phase by adding the module option 'prepare' keyword.


Key MySQL Enterprise Backup Software Benefits

Point In Time Recovery feature for both Dump and Binary
Also backs up vital metadata information
Object filtering during backup and restore

Allows Dump and Binary mode combination
Backup MySQL DB with no special skills required
Script-free backup of MySQL database

The Bacula Systems MySQL DB backup software allows the administrator to choose between Dump (slower and smaller backups) or Binary (faster and larger backups). The MySQL backup tool takes care of the MySQL log files when using the Point In Time Recovery (PITR) feature.

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