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Bacula Administrator II Training Course

Receive our all-in-one administration tool BWeb Management Suite FREE OF CHARGE!*
As an attendee, the Bacula Systems Admin II course makes you an advanced expert in Bacula Enterprise, giving you the knowledge to exploit the vast power of Bacula well beyond the average user. This includes advanced scripting, customizing, and unique configurations. The Admin II course takes you to another level in Backup and Data Recovery expertise.

The Training Centers that are Bacula Certified for Admin II are:

The Bacula Systems Headquarters, located in Switzerland (English language)
téïcée, France (French language)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (English language)

Kern Sibbald
Chairman and CTO – Bacula Systems
«This course is a must for any serious Bacula administrator because it gives you a large number of important tips on how to efficiently set up a Bacula backup system for large or complex environments.»
Asher Akhtar
Senior Data Protection Architect, Smithsonian Institution
«Bacula Systems’ training courses are highly professional, insightful and exactly what a sys-admin needs to take him or her to the next level in understanding backup and recovery»

This exceptional course is delivered under the personal direction of Kern Sibbald, CTO of Bacula Systems and founder of the Bacula project. Successful completion of the course means you will become Bacula Certified, have a deep insight into advanced backup admin processes, and be able to manage operations such as:

  • Understand retention times in depth
  • Manage and optimize configurations
  • Develop scripting within Bacula
Calendar – Admin II
October 2023 11-12-13-1 Physical class – European Location – TBA – English language € 2690


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Course pre-requisites
To take part in this course, you are expected to have:

  • Experience with Bacula
  • Good systems administration skills
  • Attended the Admin I Training Course (highly recommended)

For Swiss trainings, the course will be held at Bacula Systems’ headquarters: Avenue des Sciences 11, CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland T: +41 21 641 6080 F: +41 21 641 6081. For French trainings, the course will take place in Paris La Défense (please contact us for the specific address).


* Valid for all existing Bacula Systems subscriptions and new ones purchased within a period of 6 months after the training session. BWeb Management Suite will remain free of charge during the time of the subscription, including renewals. Training invoiced at time of order and must be taken within 6 months. Value: € 2970/US$ 4455 per year.

Class daily schedule

Course Fee
€ 2690 (Europe) and $4040 (United States) (includes all training equipment, laptops and lunches). Register now! Please note that travel to the location of the course  (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland or Paris, France) as well as lodging and other meals are the participant’s responsibility. Snack lunches, however, are included in the course. Bacula Systems holds a number of rooms at local hotels, at special rates. Please contact us to reserve your accommodation.

Travel Recommendations
To reach Bacula Systems headquarters, both Zurich and Geneva airports are suitable airports – with regular (and on time!) train services to Yverdon. The Geneva airport is the closest to our offices, and being about one hour by train from Yverdon. For travel to Paris, please contact Téicée.

Training Policies
Please make sure to check out our payment and cancellation policies before booking a course.