Proxmox Backup and Recovery Software: Ease and Speed.

Bacula Enterprise Edition’s unique compatibility with diverse types of virtual environments also includes Proxmox. Bacula enables true enterprise-grade backup and recovery of the Proxmox open-source server virtualization environment. It makes Proxmox backup and restore operations as fast and simple as possible, and brings all the advantages of Bacula’s especially broad feature set to benefit the user with increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Proxmox VE is a powerful and lightweight open source server virtualization software, optimized for performance and usability. Offering maximum flexibility and using the Proxmox API, Bacula is fully integrated and can back up and recover data from Proxmox, including its two virtualization technologies – Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and container-based virtualization with Linux Containers (LXC) – and / or QEMU virtual machines.

Here are some of Proxmox backup software features:

  • Snapshot-based online backup of any Proxmox VM including QEMU and LXC Guests
  • Full image-level Proxmox backup
  • Restore complete virtual machine image to original or alternate Proxmox hypervisor
  • Restore QEMU VM archive (.vma) to alternate directory
  • Restore LXC VM archive (.tar) and configuration to alternate directory


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