The PostgreSQL DB backup tool is designed to simplify and speed up the PostgreSQL database backup. Backup PostgreSQL database and enjoy the powerful data recovery procedure

How to backup PostgreSQL with Bacula Enterprise? This automated PostgreSQL backup tool makes the process as fast and simple as the PostgreSQL database backup administrator doesn’t need to learn about internals of PostgreSQL DB backup and restore techniques or write complex scripts. The PostgreSQL backup database tool will automatically take care for you in backing up essential information such as configuration, users definition or tables. The PostgreSQL backup tool supports both dump and Point In Time Recovery (PITR) backup and restore techniques.
Key benefits of PostgreSQL database backup Backup Postgresql database

  • Backup PostgreSQL database using both dump and Point In Time Recovery (PITR) backup techniques
  • In Point In Time Recovery (PITR) mode, the PostgreSQL backup tool supports incremental PostgreSQL DB backup and differential PostgreSQL database backup
  • The PostgreSQL backup tool runs the auto backup of PostgreSQL essential information such as configuration, users definition or tablespaces

The PostgreSQL backup tool packages are available for all Linux platforms 32/64 bits:

  • Redhat 5/6
  • Ubuntu LTS
  • Debian Squeeze
  • Suse 11

PostgreSQL DB backup runs with Bacula Enterprise Edition versions 6.0.6 and higher. This tool supports backup PostgreSQL database of 8.x, 9.0.x and 9.1.x..

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