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XenServer backup solutions.

Citrix Xen backup software by Bacula Systems. Ease and Speed.

Bacula Systems’ technology for XenServer VM backup and recovery brings never-seen-before speed and convenience to Xen users, all designed to make your backup of Xen VMs easier and with no intermediate steps required.

Bacula Enterprise Editions’ native integration with Xen provides virtual machine bare metal recovery, while its ability to back up data at the guest level simplifies data protection of critical applications. Backup can be performed for a guest VM in any power state (running or halted).

Bacula uses the Xen Server API to access and backup virtual machines. It brings a broad range of features, capabilities and automation to the Xen environment.

XenServer virtualization functionality

Secure isolation of resources between XenServer virtual machines
Control of resources, such as CPU, memory, disk, etc.

Hot resources allocation between XenServer VMs
Simple management of Citrix VMs in terms of resource allocation and configuration settings (that are necessary for migration operations, snaphots, monitoring and others)

Citrix XenServer backup features

  • Snapshot-based online backup of any guest VM
  • VSS-based guest snapshots for quiescing VSS-based applications
  • Full image-level backup
  • Ability to restore complete virtual machine image
  • Ability to restore VM archive (.xva) to alternate directory
  • Full restore job logs

It also displays useful information about available XenServer resources, which could simplify your backup configuration and restore operations, such as:

  • List of guest VM name-labels
  • List of guest VM UUIDs
  • List of XenServer Storage Repositories

Citrix Xen is a hypervisor based on microkernel design, that provides services that allow multiple operating system environments to run concurrently in a single computer such as hardware, which includes CPU, memory, disk devices, network devices, etc. It is available in different architectures, both in IA-32 and in x86-64, supported by the fact that operating systems have implemented virtualization without special hardware support. XenServer VM backup is required for all Xen-based IT infrastructures.

Benefits of XENServer virtualization 

  • Abstraction of applications
  • Protection of applications, databases and information by distributing them in different Xen virtual machines
  • Execution of different operating systems on a single XenServer, which allows not only to save resources but also to take advantage of the benefits offered by each OS
  • Dynamic allocation of resources and hot Xen VM migration, which facilitates the configuration of environments with load balancing and high availability
  • Possibility of configuring a backup for XenServer virtual machines, which is not based on agents

It is important to have a XENServer backup strategy that goes beyond the use of scripts at the command line level or shell, which do not offer alternatives or benefits in terms of:

  • Granularity while using Citrix XenServer VM backup and restores
  • Execution of different Citrix XenServer VM backup levels
  • Ease of Citrix Xen VM data recovery
  • Scheduling of backup for XenSever from Citrix

Bacula Enterprise allows you to manage and execute the backup of XenServer VM configured in diverse environments, whether physical, remote or in the cloud.

Nicolas Van Eenaeme
Netlog’s Director of ITS
«As we grew, XenServer backup was taking longer and longer to complete. We then decided to take a support contract with Bacula Systems and use the Open Core solution: Bacula Enterprise Edition. They have helped us in optimizing our configuration, and now backups are completed almost twice as fast as before’»

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