“Bacula Systems support is outstanding!”
Klaus Horak, head of BE3SM, WAVE Solutions (a subsidiary of Bank Austria)
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“Bacula Systems support services are very high quality”
Salim Gasmi, CTO of SdV Plurimédia

The Value of the Bacula Systems Support Subscription

Bacula Systems’ business revolves around offering the highest quality support services to guarantee fast resolution of issues for utmost customer satisfaction. As a Bacula Systems Subscription customer or partner, you will have direct access, if needed, to our senior developers who provide superior level-3 support.


Bacula Systems Support connects you to a uniquely qualified and skilled team of Bacula professionals with deep experience running Bacula in production, at scale on the most demanding workloads. Our Subscription benefits also mean you avoid the following problems typical of nearly all other vendors:

  • Paying license fees for proprietary software means that the software vendor is in control
  • Upgrades are costly
  • There’s a little incentive for the vendor to improve the software between upgrades
  • Access to help is limited and of questionable quality

Your subscription includes ongoing high-quality service and support, which means Bacula Systems provide everything you need to ensure your systems remain up-to-date, reliable and secure. When you need help or have a question, you can speak directly with a Bacula Approved Engineer and access our advanced technical knowledge and expertise. And you can feel assured of superior support, because if you’re not satisfied, we know you’ll choose not to renew.

Our subscription plans include:

  • Highest-quality support: the Bacula Systems support team and the Bacula project lead developers at your fingertips
  • Product access: Bacula Enterprise Certified Binaries and official documentation
  • Updates: Regular updates that provide general enhancements, new features, etc.supp
  • Patches: Fast bug fixes and security errata
  • Flexibility: Subscriptions are not version-specific, so access to, and support for previous version is included
  • Customer Support Portal: Connect directly to Bacula Systems support staff, open and track support cases in real-time, and download certified patches and updates
  • Support: Multiple support services providing unlimited incidents and coverage up to 24×7 with 1 hour response
  • Best Practices Configuration and Optimization: Backup times reduced, to free up your network
  • Long term stability: Multi-year support and update policies for all Bacula Systems software
  • Customization: Benefit from our senior engineers to enable advanced capabilities
  • Total Reassurance: Don’t wait until you have a problem. Get the assurance that our top-notch engineers will bring to your deployment and mitigate risk
  • Predictive support: We can contact you right away if we see a problem in your backup infrastructure, even before you notice it!

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