“Bacula Systems support is outstanding!”
Klaus Horak, head of BE3SM, WAVE Solutions (a subsidiary of Bank Austria)

“Bacula Systems support services are very high quality”
Salim Gasmi, CTO of SdV Plurimédia

Bacula Systems recognizes the importance of world-class technical support. We offer six levels of subscription: Lite, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, all including comprehensive support benefits and access to the official Bacula Enterprise Edition binaries.

The minimum subscription level is determined by the number of platforms (Operating Systems) to be backed up, combined with the number of Bacula Systems clients (servers and clients to be backed up), desired response time and necessary access to Deduplication technology, plugins, administrative tools, PosgreSQL catalog support or professional services. Our prices are extremely competitive because you only need one subscription (per installed Director). To know the annual price for each subscription, please contact us as it can vary based on your Backup & Restore project as well as your specific needs. We offer lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster return on investment (ROI) than an equivalent proprietary solution for Backup and Data Recovery.

To MSPs: a dedicated pricing model, taking into account your business specificity, is available upon request. Please contact us to discuss.

Support Levels and Response Times

RT: Response time – BH: Business hours – BD: Business days

Lite Standard Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Number of clients and servers to be backed up
1 to 10 11 to 50 51 to 200 201 to 500 501-2000 2001-5000
Authorized Contacts 1 1
3 5 5
Support Media Web
Web Web Web and Phone Web and Phone Web and Phone
Number of platforms
2 4
Severity 1 RT
1 BD
6 BH 4 BH 1BH 1BH
Severity 2 RT
2 BD 1 BD
6 BH 2 BH 2 BH
Severity 3 RT
3 BD 3 BD 1 BD 1 BD 1 BD
Severity 4 RT
4 BD 4 BD 2 BD 2 BD 2 BD
Access to plugins (optional) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to BWeb Management Suite No Option  Option Option Option Yes
Access to professional Services No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to senior developers No No No No Yes Yes
Access to funded development No No No No Yes Yes
Training seats included per year No No No No No 1
PostgreSQL catalog support No No No Option Option Yes
Access to Global Endpoint Deduplication™ or Aligned Volume Deduplication No No No Yes Yes Yes


Business Hours are Central European Time.

Note: The number of machines to be backed up determines the minimum level of subscription. For instance, with 100 machines, the minimum level for the subscription to be taken is Bronze.

Severity Level Definitions:

  • Severity 1 RT: Production outage
  • Severity 2 RT: System degraded, no workaround
  • Severity 3 RT: System degraded, workaround exists
  • Severity 4 RT: Minor functionality problem

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