The quality of Bacula Systems day-to day support service is highly endorsed by our many customers.

Besides the more specialist areas of our support services, our normal customer support consists of everything you need to be 100% successful. Just some of the elements of our outstanding support are:

Guide and Manuals: Bacula Enterprise is very well documented, and our support services will quickly provide you with or point you to the relevant areas whenever you need. This includes our high-end and advanced features, with information on ways to meet unusual or special requirements.telephone

Support Calls and Configuration Reviews: these take place at anytime, according to the customers request.

Technical reviews: Reviews can be done at a general level, or be highly customized. Main elements are reviewed and carefully checked. We also have a customized technical review, for example how best to write data to the storage? Another example would be a review of backup strategy, or how the main Bacula Enterprise components are interconnected. We offer both basic advice and advanced, specific information on the less common aspects – even with hardware related issues.

Best Practice Implementation
This is about using the methods and techniques that have been generally accepted as producing results that are superior to those achieved by other means. Backup and recovery are critically important, and must be done properly. Correct backup, retention period, incremental or other backup levels are just a few examples of areas where Bacula Systems expertise can make a huge difference to an IT department, including the subject of Compliance & Visibility. Proactive monitoring, testing, reporting and documentation to meet and exceed business and regulatory requirements. Other common areas are retention, infrastructure performance, Storage usage and Hardware usage. In addition to general Best Practices, we also cover Best Practices that are specific to Bacula Enterprise Edition, such as Disaster Recovery, backup and restore performance, and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Satisfaction feedback
Although customer satisfaction is closely monitored throughout the entire support life-cycle, Bacula Systems conducts a thorough review of the customer experience, including a satisfaction survey, and continually builds improvements into the specialized service it provides.

Don’t take our word for it! See what our Customers think about our exceptional support services:

Fantastic support! is the verdict of Swisscom IT Services, experiencing with Bacula Systems a very stable environment, best performance, and easily adapted to database backups…

“With Bacula Enterprise Edition,The support we receive is good, and we are really satisfied”

“Bacula Systems not only gave us great, outstanding support during the proof of concept stage, but continued with the same high level of expert support right through the deployment phase – and it still continues today”.

“With Bacula, we are not dependent on some far-away help desk in another continent, taking hours to respond. Bacula’s support is very responsive.The support we have received from Bacula has been perfect”

“Bacula Systems Professional Services has allowed us to make the transition from proprietary backup software. Bacula Systems support services are very high quality”

“Since using Bacula, the amount of time we have to spend taking care of backup and restore has been cut by almost 60%. It can do recoveries very easily. I really like Bacula Enterprise Edition…”

“We value the excellent support! Bacula Enterprise Edition was the only backup software of all the products we surveyed that was capable of client authentication…”

“Bacula Systems’ support service is both fast and effective, and its Progressive Virtual Full technology is really impressive. With Bacula’s Global Endpoint Deduplication, we save even more!”

“Bacula Systems has helped us in optimizing our configuration, and now backups are completed almost twice as fast as before.”

“Swisscom chose Bacula Systems for the good relationship it has with Bacula Systems’ support and development team. The support team was always ready to help us.”

“Locaweb now have a high-end enterprise network backup solution while also receiving fast, professional and responsive support from Bacula Systems’ team of experts.”

“Bacula System’s excellent support, allows WBSgo® to implement WBSAirback with a large range of customers from different sectors and into different technological environments.”

“One of the main reasons Bacula was initially chosen was because of the personal support and service that the Bacula Systems team provided. Your support guys have been wonderful”

With Bacula’s solution, we experienced a significant turnaround in reliability. Thanks to its advanced architecture, Bacula provided us the ability to offer advanced services to our clients…

Configuring Bacula is great, because it helps you make decisions on how you want to protect your data, with options that make you think ‘Yes – that would be a nice thing to do within our backup strategy…’

“Whenever we needed support, Bacula Systems support service was highly responsive, and really high-end.”