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Storage Backup Software Solution from Bacula Systems

Bacula Enterprise: For All Kinds of Storage Systems.

Bacula Enterprise works well with all kinds of storage systems. The simple reason for this is that as long as the file system can be mounted as a block device by the Storage Daemon’s operating system, Bacula will be able to read from and write to it.

However, it is not only the backup target that is important. In a lot of cases, you have big storage appliances or JBODs that your clients/server write to.

Bacula Enterprise excels in doing the backup for these types of storage. You can either install an FD on the controlling server, or connect an external FD (if multitenancy is possible), or you can open a share (NFS, CIFS) that Bacula Enterprise can then access. This way, your storage backup is created and delivered safely and efficiently to a remote location.

Storage (NAS) backup software

Another way of doing storage backup is with Bacula System’s NDMP plugin that will support all devices that are able to communicate with this protocol. Be aware that the NDMP implementation differs from vendor to vendor, which is why Bacula does not look into the data stream itself but simply provides the means to initiate the backup of your storage appliance. It also takes care to restore the data in the correct manner, although the final interpretation of those storage blocks needs to be done by the filer.

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