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Announcing Bacula Enterprise Version 12

Bacula Enterprise is already the most flexible, feature-rich backup and recovery solution in the world. This release takes its impressive range of features further still, allowing you to take advantage of its modular design to get exactly the right fit you need for your IT environment.

Some of the new features of Bacula Enterprise 12 are:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Client behind NAT (for backing up remote devices)
  • Clustered Proxmox integration
  • Automated security features
  • Graphite Dashboard added to graphic interface (BWeb)
  • Android file daemon and GUI
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE Module
  • MySQL Percona Module
  • Docker Module
  • KVM plugin with Debian
  • NDMP Support for DELL/EMC

Remember: Bacula Enterprise is a massively scalable Enterprise solution that does not charge by data volume!

Further Information on specific elements of Version 12:

Bacula Enterprise’s Client Behind Nat and Continuous Data protection (CDP) modules are included at no extra cost to its customers. Read the datasheet for more technical information here.

The Proxmox integration adds Clustering to Bacula Enterprise’s Proxmox module. It makes Proxmox backup and restore operations as fast and simple as possible, and brings all the advantages of Bacula’s especially broad feature set to benefit the user with increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Version 12’s automated security features mean that all daemons and consoles are now using TLS automatically for all network communications. It is no longer required to setup TLS keys in advance.

With BWeb Management Suite, the size and the position of all boxes displayed in the interface can now be customized. Its Page Composer can be used to graphically design pages and create dashboards with a library of predefined widgets or with Graphite graphics.

Android File Daemon and GUI. Bacula’s File Daemon (client) and the Tray Monitor are now available on the Android platform, adding to the large range of platforms already available.

The SAP (Sybase) ASE Module makes life a lot easier for Sybase admins. Read the SAP ASE whitepaper for full information.

MySQL Percona Module. This new module brings ease, speed and natively-integrated functionality to MySQL Percona users.

Docker Module. Bacula Enterprise’s Docker module is the world’s only fully automated, natively integrated backup and recover for Docker.

KVM Module with Debian. Bacula’s KVM module is now available for the Debian platform, to add to it range of other systems.

NDMP Support for DELL/EMC. Bacula’s NDMP tool is now available for DELL/EMC.

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