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Easy, Fast Replacement from your legacy solution to Bacula Enterprise

Bacula Enterprise is not only the most secure backup solutions against ransomware available, it is also renowned for being easy to introduce to new IT departments. Its combination of modern, reliable software, translation tools and outstanding support team mean a trouble-free deployment of our software in your mission-critical enterprise environment. Just ask our customers!

But why change to Bacula? Well, are you growing tired of your current backup and recovery solution that:

  • Has limited and difficult tape library configuration?
  • Has quite a few bugs?
  • Is hard to get a quick response from support?
  • Has many siloed modules?
  • Is just too expensive?
  • Has some potential security issues that may be putting your organization (and job!) at risk?
  • Less than excellent SAP HANA capabilities?
  • Has an old user console?
  • Has tedious maintenance of multiple servers?
  • Needs a centralized operation center with better reporting capabilities?

Bacula Routinely Replaces Traditional Vendors with Bacula Enterprise: More Secure, More Efficient, More Cost-Reduction.

There can be some big challenges when migrating from legacy backup software. Migration projects are inevitably highly personalized. Get help from experienced experts: contact us to discuss your challenges – we are smart, experienced, understanding, and we know how to define a meaningful way for you to succeed. Bacula’s outstanding support services are very responsive, highly competent, friendly, and use only senior engineers.

  • Open Source roots are key. Did you know that escaping vendor lock-in was the main reason Bacula was originally created?  Our philosophy means Bacula’s experts come to you with the right mentality and ethos. One of the many elements of migration often concerns escaping vendor lock-in. Contact us now to learn how you can increase the security of your organizations’ IT estate, reduce costs and modernize your data protection strategy.

Speak to our experts to determine some key elements, such as:

  • Data volume
  • 3rd party applications: what? How many?
  • Retention period challenges (and remember – Bacula helps you escape vendor lock-in).

Further help: