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Global Endpoint Deduplication

Faster Backup Deduplication Solutions Than Ever. 

Bacula Systems’ Global Endpoint Deduplication™ is built into Bacula Enterprise and is an enterprise-grade backup technology that gives you the choice to apply it either to the client side (file daemon) thereby saving network and storage resources, or at the storage level depending on how you want to manage your data; giving you the benefits of both global and endpoint deduplication.

You can also combine this ‘dedupe’ at the client side with Bacula Enterprise’s comm line compression feature to allow even better management and lower bandwidth consumption.

In-Cloud Deduplication

Bacula’s deduplication is also used in the Cloud. It provides a high degree of security and management options. Contact Bacula for more details on in-Cloud Deduplication.

The benefits of our Global Endpoint Deduplication are significant:

  • Save storage space
  • Save network bandwidth
  • Easily back up your laptops
  • Enjoy fast backup and restore processes
  • Don’t depend on expensive hardware technology
  • Use Bacula to run deduplication in the cloud

Do backup deduplication wherever you want

The Global Endpoint Deduplication tool means the process takes place where you want:

  • on the client side, to reduce the data sent over the network
  • on the storage side, to allow your client to send data at the maximum throughput
  • in the Cloud


Choose your filesystem with Global Endpoint Deduplication

While Bacula Systems’ alternative Aligned Volume deduplication technology needs an underlying deduplicating filesystem,Global Endpoint Deduplication works with all the filesystems. If you want even more security with GED, use a filesystem  that will directly take into account the safety of your data.


Go global with Global Endpoint Deduplication

Wherever the endpoint backup deduplication takes  place with Bacula Enterprise Global Endpoint Deduplication, it is global. Global means that backups store blocks never seen before on any client. Duplicate blocks for all clients become just a reference to a previously stored block.

Deduplication with high performance

Bacula’s customer require the very highest performance that is technically possible.  Bacula’s advanced deduplication technology uses a noSQL-database to get even better performance and scalability.


Save on storage space like never before. Significantly reduce network bandwidth. Save time with super-quick backup and restore. Meet your sustainability goals.

See what our enterprise customers say:

“Never seen such enterprise endpoint backup solutions before!… I could back up a 1.5 Terabyte Oracle database with 500 Gigabyte disk space thanks to Bacula Enterprises Global Endpoint Deduplication.”
Systems administrator – large account

“Bacula Systems’ Progressive Virtual Full technology is really impressive. It saves us a lot of time and money. Using it together with Bacula Systems’Global Endpoint Deduplication, we save even more!”
Stéphane Sanchez, Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Cecurity.com

Further help on backup deduplication:

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  • BWeb™ Management Suite is a comprehensive GUI management suite for Bacula Enterprise that provides the data reports, core metrics and analysis that system administrators need to provide to managers.