An important part of the Bacula Systems Subscriptions are the Enterprise Certified Binaries. Binaries provided by Bacula Systems are certified builds of the Bacula Enterprise Backup & Recovery Platform. Bacula Systems strongly recommends using these binaries for trouble-free deployment of our software in a mission-critical enterprise environment.

The binaries have been thoroughly tested by Bacula Systems developers on a broad range of Operating Systems, chip architectures, and database combinations.

Bacula Enterprise Certified Binaries offer a number of advantages:

  • We release only certified highly stable binaries made for Enterprise IT environments
  • We release new binaries with selected Bacula Enterprise patches applied: no need to apply patches and build yourself
  • Bacula Enterprise binaries are carefully tested using a well defined certification procedure
  • Bacula Enterprise binaries contain state-of-the-art installation which in many cases surpasses what Linux distributions produce
  • Bacula Enterprise packages will be installed in a single /opt/bacula directory to ease administration and deployment
  • In the unlikely event of a bug, patches and fixes will be provided and certified in a timely fashion

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