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File Systems Snapshot capabilities

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Updated 24th December 2021, Gustavo

Both Bacula Community and Enterprise Editions offer file system snapshot features for the file systems that support snapshot, like LVM, ZFS and BTRFS. The snapshots created by the file system tool will be mounted and files will be backed up from this mount point.
In the FileSet resource you can use the “Enable Snapshot =yes” directive, for instance:

… and in the Client{} resource you can set “Snapshot Retention” like this:

Snapshot Retention = 5 days

The snapshot feature for file systems can be useful so you don’t have to browse the whole directory with Bacula in order to determine the files that needs to be backed up, thus it improves drastically the backup speed with millions of files. Obviously, as it backs up single files from the snapshot, you can restore single files as well.

More information can be found in the Bacula Main Manual. Enjoy!

  1. Jan

    In which version of the community edition is this feature available?

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