Ignacio Gilart
Global Sales Director with White Bear Solutions (WBSgo)
«Integrating Bacula Enterprise has enabled us to ensure optimal TCO for our management platform and WBSAirback Backup Storage®. The scalability, versatility and flexibility of the Bacula Systems platform, together with Bacula System’s excellent service support, allows WBSgo® to implement WBSAirback with a large range of customers from different sectors and into different technological environments.»

About WBSgo and the WBSAirback solution

WBSgo® is a Spanish company that provides Data Management & Protection, Identity, Security & Network Management and belongs to the major Spanish IT group, Cibernos Group. WBSAirback is a new generation of system management and data storage that includes functionality capable of managing heterogeneous storage to be used as primary storage or backup repository, as well as functionality for managing backup life cycles. These possibilities are managed through a web interface in a simple way, hiding the technical and conceptual complexities of such services.


WBSAirback is based on an appliance platform that integrates all necessary software components, and does not require the purchase or the installation of operating systems and third-party applications to run. It can be purchased as a physical appliance including the hardware platform for each need, or as a virtual appliance including standard files needed to deploy a “virtual machine” in major virtualization platforms.

The Challenge

WBSgo was searching for a backup and restore solution that addressed a global market of increasingly changing technical and economic needs, where organizations face a more competitive landscape, “… with aggressive budget cuts together with the urgent need to reduce the complexity of IT management”, said Gilart, Global Sales Director, WBSgo.

“This poses new technological challenges to address the protection and recovery of organizations’ critical information. On one hand, they must comply with new and increasingly restrictive rules for protection and information security and on the other, they need to ensure recovery of any loss of information and be fully prepared to react against any data disaster.”

The clear development strategy of WBSAirback meant that a solution based on the following requirements was needed:

  • Must possess real integration capabilities and backup storage on a single platform
  • Be based on open core
  • Able to build on the concept of appliances, both physical and virtual
  • Easily facilitate management (via web) and monitoring
  • Be based on interoperability standards
  • Ensure ease of deployment and evolution

The Solution

Bacula Enterprise was chosen by WBSgo as the key component for managing the backup life cycle, taking advantage of – in the Enterprise Protection module – all the new features of Bacula Enterprise, including deduplication and the complete set of high-end plugins.

The fact that Bacula Enterprise is fully open core, avoids ‘vendor lock-in’ and is compatible with an exceptionally wide range of environments, operating systems, applications and databases, was a key reason for choosing Bacula. “In addition to its many powerful features, WBSgo also decided to adopt Bacula Enterprise because of the tremendous benefits of version 6, exceptional ease of integration, the set of high-end plugins available and the quality of the software code” said Gilart. “Finally, the high quality level of service offered by Bacula Systems to its Alliance Partners was irresistible”, he added.

“Our clients are mainly medium and large organizations. Our solution answers issues within the data centers, departments and all peripheral elements of these organizations, such as laptops, PCs, remote servers, etc. Those needs require the WBSAirback® solution, and we wanted to make sure we had the best backup and disaster recovery solution built into it. In Bacula Systems we found the advanced technological capability – and the high value it provides – could be easily and quickly integrated into our platform”, said Gilart.

The Results

By integrating Bacula Enterprise, WBSAirback® now has a complete set of functionality and developments within the base system for the management and monitoring of the solution, and, in the case of physical appliances, an innovative hardware platform (based on a global OEM agreement with Dell).

WBSgo has now implemented its solution in high-profile reference customers via more than 30 certified partners, through its strategy of commitment to the channel network. It can now compete aggressively against traditional backup solutions. As a clear example, when WBSAirback was deployed to a large customer in the financial sector, the backup’s compression ratios and backup times far exceeded initial forecasts, allowing to greatly reduce the backup window and the amount of storage required.

In just a few months, thanks to the support provided by the team of Bacula Systems, WBSAirback® could incorporate Bacula Enterprise into its core technology”, said Gilart. “As a result, the entire solution is now being deployed in an increasing number of large corporate and departmental data centers, in companies specializing in Data Center services in critical environments as well as in diverse sectors including Finance, Services, Industry, and Public Administration”, Gilart added.

“I am particularly pleased to see that the investment WBSgo made to integrate Bacula Enterprise in WBSAirback has been recovered even before the end of the first year of the agreement between both companies. This is truly an impressive outcome”, said Gilart.

Bacula Enterprise deployed into the WBSAirback environment

Modules and Tools Adopted: