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Cecurity.com Choose Advanced Backup and Restore Solution


Stéphane Sanchez
Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Cecurity.com
«Bacula Systems’ Progressive Virtual Full technology is really impressive. It saves us a lot of time and money. Using it together with Bacula’s Global Endpoint Deduplication, we save even more!»

The Challenge

Cecurity needed an Enterprise-level backup and restore solution that was both powerful yet easy to use. To be used in Cecurity’s demanding environment, the solution would have to be robust and reliable, Linux-based, but with a simple, scalable architecture. “Bacula Systems seemed like it may be what we were looking for” said Stéphane Sanchez, Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Cecurity, “so we looked carefully at it. In a data center that consisted largely of virtual machines, we also needed something that performed especially well with VMware. There was, too, a need to be fully compatible with various data stores such as Directory Server and PostgreSQL databases”, said Stéphane. “We were aware of some other possible solutions, but they were both complicated and expensive”

The Solution

After careful evaluation, Cecurity chose Bacula Enterprise because of its simplicity of use, low price, and its management interface: BWeb Management Suite. “You can use Bacula in the way you choose to use it, says Stéphane. It has great flexibility, for example in allowing different ways to access the database; you can configure it exactly the way you want it”.

Cecurity were attracted to the BWeb Management Suite because of its easy configuration, monitoring and management interface. “BWeb really contributes to the overall ease-of-use of Bacula, says Stéphane. “And Bacula Systems’ support service is both fast and effective”, he added

The Result

“We have a pretty big disk array, says Stéphane. “Everything is attached to EqualLogic SAN storage”. Apart from the servers used for its client services, Cecurity also has a good number of ESX servers for its own needs.

“We exploit a unique capability from Bacula Systems which is called ‘Progressive Virtual Full’ which allows us to employ a sliding time-window of data backup”, says Stéphane, who then explains: “We do a ‘Full’ each week, and produce a Virtual Full each month, as a result of the incremental backups. The result is that the backup process for a huge amount of data has now become really very fast and efficient. When used in combination with Bacula Systems’ Global Endpoint Deduplication, it then becomes faster still! It all backs up in just a few seconds. Currently we are backing up around 100 TB of data. With Global Endpoint Deduplication, it reduces to between 25 or 30 TB. It really saves us a lot of time”, says Stéphane.
“This technology saves us money as well – for these reasons, we would recommend it to others. “I have never seen any other solution that can do this so well” says Stéphane.

About Cecurity.com

Cecurity.com is a Trusted Third Party, software provider for the secure exchange and archiving of electronic writings. The company is a major player in the market for dematerialization and digital trust through its electronic Safe Communicating and PEA Electronic Archiving System (Proof, Exchange & Archiving).
Cecurity.com is traded on the Euronext Marché Libre in Paris (Mnemonic: MLCEC).

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