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Enterprise Cloud Backup Tailored for Service- and Cloud Providers.

Enterprise cloud backup for service providers, cloud providers and MSPs.

Providing a robust and reliable enterprise cloud backup software for service providers is a challenge in the constantly evolving world of IT. Doing enterprise cloud provider backup at a profit while maintaining the necessary investments in innovation is a further challenge.

Bacula Systems offers technically advanced enterprise backup to cloud for service providers, helping service providers, cloud providers and MSPs operate much more efficiently and profitably. There are no charges for data volume in our service provider backup software. Bacula Systems is the world’s leading open core backup and restore company, and our software protects hundreds of thousands of servers and desktops every day via standard on-premise model and also via service provider backup service (known as backup as a service or BaaS). Managed service providers, cloud providers, PaaS, IaaS and BaaS businesses worldwide rely on our enterprise cloud based backup solutions to ensure state-of-the-art cloud backup, restore and disaster recovery solutions.

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Integrated into the enterprise cloud backup solutions from Bacula Systems, Bacula Enterprise is fully featured and also provides specific functionality, dedicated to the managed service providers, cloud and disaster recovery solutions providers, including:

Global Endpoint Deduplication™ capabilities (from the client to the storage) or universal deduplication feature to maximize speed of cloud disaster recovery, minimize network bandwidth utilization and hardware investment<
Backup enterprise applications and servers to the cloud using replication capabilities, enhanced by our deduplication technology
Comm line compression for a better performance between your data center and your customers which makes cloud provider backup faster
REST API to easily and quickly develop your own user front-end and c-panel
BCloud Service: a user-oriented web front-end for self-service backup and recovery
Client initiated backup and client initiated recovery
10 000+ protected servers managed by only one Bacula Enterprise Edition instance to benefit from the best ROI

File size and file number limitations for a better management of your commercial backup as a service offering
Secure backup for service providers: Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) to ensure the confidentiality of your customers’ data
BWeb Management Suite to smoothly configure, analyze and manage backups and cloud disaster recovery
Snapshot management capabilities to take snapshots of data and back them up without any interruption of your services – a fast, easy and non intrusive way to ensure smooth backup of your customers data
Low risk approach without worries or issues with your infrastructure or systems during operations or upgrades

disaster recovery as a serviceFor cloud computing installations, particularly IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), bytemine and Bacula Systems have partnered to provide hosted Bacula Enterprise Edition support at ProfitBricks. As a result of this, ProfitBricks is now providing its customers with an enterprise cloud backup based on Bacula Enterprise utilizing the full potential of the managed backup as a service business model.

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With Bacula we can help you take advantage of our different business model, allowing you to free up valuable capital to invest in other, more innovative areas; safe in the knowledge that your environment and that of your customers is well protected.

You may be offering – or planning to offer – a managed backup and restore service to your customers. Bacula helps with its specific pricing model for cloud service provider backup, by which you only pay when you get revenues from your customers – a more practical and friendly approach than that offered by other vendors.

Last but not least, Bacula's enterprise cloud backup software also comes for a fraction of the cost you are paying your legacy vendor today. We do not charge based on data volumes, nor the number of CPUs in your servers. Instead, our pricing model gives you complete control over your costs, as well as reducing them substantially.

Some managed service and cloud providers who use enterprise cloud server backup solutions from Bacula:

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