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Automated Docker Backup and Recovery Now Includes External Volumes

  • August 15, 2019

Bacula Systems has gone one step even further with its ground-breaking module for Docker automated Backup and Recovery:  it now supports backup and restore of Dockers' external volumes.

Aimed at easing the workloads of IT and DevOps departments using Docker, SUSE, CaaS or OpenShift, this advanced module now offers:

•    Backup and Recovery of Docker containers configuration, volumes and images
•    Backup and Recovery of Docker external volumes
•    Fully integrated solution, adhering to Docker philosophy and methodology
•    Complete automation for rapid roll-out of container protection strategies
•    Advanced integration, using Docker API
•    Image saving, image rollback and backup of image changes
•    Fine grained control over what containers and images to back up

Bacula Enterprise is the first solution in the world to be able to do all this; and that's without taking into account all the other unique technologies that Bacula brings to the  table. There's more good news: the module come free of charge when used with Bronze level Subscriptions and above. Enjoy!

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