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Thank you for assessing Bacula Trial Edition

Welcome to the Bacula Enterprise Trial

Thank you for assessing this special Bacula Trial version: Bacula is the leading Enterprise Open Core network backup and restore software, and is world-renowned for being especially flexible, scalable, and reliable, with an industry-leading range of features. The purpose of this trial is to provide you with the best possible experience as you evaluate our Enterprise products.

The Trial is intended to be used as a proof of concept. It allows the testing of all Bacula Trial products and installation of the Bacula Enterprise Trial clients on a limited number of platforms.

The trial is provided as an OVA file, which may be quickly and easily imported into your Virtual Box or VMware environment in just a minute or so. The resulting virtual machine is intended to be administered using BWeb Management Suite and the text-based bconsole Linux command-line tool.

We will kindly ask you to download the Trial ova file and then import it into your virtual environment. To begin to get the feel of Bacula, you can simply follow the scenarios as described later in this guide. These scenarios are designed to demonstrate the basic functionality of Bacula Trial Edition. If you are not able to complete these scenarios, please contact us. Links to videos are also sometimes offered as an alternative to the scenarios. You can also check Bacula Enterprise's numerous features and configuration possibilities in the general Bacula Main Manual included in the trial by clicking “Help => Documentation” from the main menu in BWeb. The Bacula Main Manual's key introductory sections are: A Brief Tutorial for getting started quickly, and Getting Started with Bacula. We recommend that you start with these two chapters to get an introduction to Bacula Enterprise Edition.

Please note that Bacula Enterprise Edition (not the trial version) has an especially wide range of features and capabilities compared to most other backup and recovery software vendors. For example, it offers the world’s largest choice of native integration plugins for different virtual environments and different databases. Similarly, Bacula Enterprise Edition has specific plugins for a wide range of Cloud gateways.

However, for speed and simplicity, this trial version comes with a reduced number of plugins, namely:

  • Microsoft VSS
  • MySQL
  • BWeb
  • AWS Cloud


Remember, more advanced features and plugins are available on request.



  1. Introducing Bacula Enterprise Edition
  2. Minimal Requirements
  3. Step 1: Pre-installation
  4. Step 2: Installation
  5. Step 3: Using Bacula Trial Edition
    1. Scenario 1: Backing up “all” files on the Trial Linux VM using BWeb Management Suite
    2. Scenario 2: Restoring files from the previous backup using BWeb Management Suite
    3. Scenario 3: Backing up “all” files on the Trial VM using bconsole
    4. Scenario 4: Restoring files from the previous backup job using bconsole
    5. Scenario 5: Backup a Windows client using Bweb Management Suite
    6. Scenario 6: Backup a Windows client with the Global End Point Deduplication plugin
    7. Scenario 7: Backup using the Cloud plugin
  6. Completing Your Trial
  7. Appendix
    1. Installation of a File Daemon (a backup agent) on Debian or Ubuntu
    2. Installation of a File Daemon (a backup agent) on CentOS or Red Hat
    3. Creation of a new Client Resource in BWeb Management Suite
    4. Supported Platforms for the Trial Agent version