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The Backup Deduplication Whitepaper

IT organizations are constantly being challenged to deliver high quality solutions with reduced total cost of ownership. One of those challenges is the growing amount of data to be backed up, together with limited time to run backup jobs (backup window).

Bacula Enterprise offers several successful ways to tackle these challenges, one of them being its unique Global Endpoint Deduplication, which minimizes network transfer and Bacula Volume size using unique deduplication technology. Certain types of data structure can present the opportunity for immense savings in time and disk space.

This document is intended to provide insight into the considerations and processes required to implement advanced backup deduplication functionality.


Whitepaper Summary

  • Advantages and cautions of using deduplication
  • Aligned volumes deduplication vs. endpoint deduplication
  • In-cloud deduplication
  • Disaster recovery and deduplication
  • Deduplication engines
  • Hardware requirements for deduplication


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